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Monday, August 07, 2006 

The Difference Between Asa Hutchinson & Mike Beebe.

An article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette quoted Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson on the issue of ethics in government and how they would handle situations in regards to lobbyists. Asa stated that he would not accept any gifts from a lobbyist…period. Mike Beebe stated that gifts over $100 should be banned but did not say whether he would accept gifts from a lobbyist. So if Mike is elected governor will he be wining and dining with the lobbying community on their tab? I guess so if it is under $100.

If we limit gifts from lobbyists to $100 what keeps them from giving say 10 gifts to Mike Beebe? Let's see, 10 x 100...hey that's $1000... Catch the drift?


Why don't you update this blog more?

Don't you give a damn?


3 posts in the last 2 weeks?

What a sweet blog you run here.

I'm sure Asa and the rest of his supporters sure appeciate you.

You likely spend dozens of minutes every month working on this fine blog.

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