Wednesday, February 20, 2008 

Arkansas Democrats Allow Vital National Intelligence Legislation to Expire

Arkansas Democrats Allow Vital National Intelligence Legislation to Expire

Last week, Democratic members of Arkansas' Congressional Delegation joined in lockstep with their liberal leadership and left Washington without renewing the Protect America Act, which expired at midnight on Saturday. This important national security legislation gave our intelligence professionals the tools they needed to monitor threats to America's security, specifically terrorists' communicating and plotting abroad.

"The Senate was able to reach a bipartisan agreement, the President said he was willing to postpone his trip to Africa, and yet Democrats in the House like Congressmen Vic Snyder, Marion Berry, and Mike Ross thought it was more important to go on vacation than to renew the Protect America Act," said Dennis Milligan, Chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas. "These Democrats claim to be representing the people of Arkansas, yet they continually vote with the left wing of their party."

The Congressional Democrats' inaction leaves the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence unable to authorize new certifications against foreign intelligence targets, including international terrorists, abroad. Private companies assisting the United States in the surveillance of terrorists will now be exposed to legal liability, and our intelligence community will be stripped of the power to compel the assistance of private companies that are not already helping monitor terrorist communications.

"It is time for Congressmen Snyder, Berry, and Ross to reject the political games being played by the Democratic leadership and their candidates for President," continued Chairman Milligan. "Some things are more important than politics. I call on Arkansas Democrats to do the right thing and give our intelligence community the tools they need to keep our nation safe."

Thursday, February 07, 2008 

This Just In: Protect America Alert

For Immediate Release
Contact: Press Office
February 7, 2008

RNC Posts New Web Video: “Protect America Alert”
WASHINGTON – Today the RNC released a new web video, titled “Protect America Alert.” The video highlights Congressional Democrats’ failure to permanently update America’s 30-year-old terrorist surveillance law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). In 2007, Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid all voted against providing our nation’s intelligence community with the vital tools it needs to track and fight potential terrorists.
“Protect America Alert” can be viewed by clicking here.

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