Wednesday, May 30, 2007 

Fred Thompson Set To Announce Bid For Presidency...

With all the talk about how well our former Governor has done in the debates (and he has done incredibly well), we wonder what effect the coming announcement that Fred Thompson is joining the race for President will have on the Huckabee campaign?

The Politico reports in this story that Fred Thompson plans to announce by July. Some insiders say it could come as early as this weekend.

Fred Thompson will be a strong candidate and we wonder how this will play out?
Can Thompson raise enough money to be a factor in the new Super Tuesday dominated Presidential Primary?


Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Another Clinton Kerryaoke?

Hillary Clinton's "Coy" And "Calculating" Iraq Position Reminiscent Of 2004 Kerry Playbook

Last Week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) Had Kerry-Like Moment On Iraq:
"Calculating" Clinton Vote "Wasn't Quite A John Kerry Moment" But It "Came Pretty Close." "It wasn't quite a John Kerry moment for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she came pretty close. As is her tendency, Clinton muddied her stance on funding the Iraq war, the latest test of which mustered just 29 votes in the Senate this week. ... Clinton didn't commit a Kerry-like gaffe -- in 2003 he said he voted for an Iraq funding bill before voting against it -- but her tendency to be coy (calculating?) about her Iraq position caused a stir." (Editorial, "Playing Coy: Clinton Tap Dances On Iraq Funding," The Oklahoman, 5/18/07)

Clinton And Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) Voted In Favor Of Deadline For Iraq Withdrawal And Cutting Off Funding For Troops. (H.R. 1495, CQ Vote #167: Motion Rejected 29-67: R 0-47; D 28-19; I 1-1, 5/16/07, Clinton And Kerry Voted Yea)

"Nineteen Other Democrats And Every Republican Opposed The Measure, Which Everyone Knew Would Fail." (Editorial, "Playing Coy: Clinton Tap Dances On Iraq Funding," The Oklahoman, 5/18/07)
Hillary For It, Then Seemed Against It, Then For It, Then Tried To Distance Herself From The Legislation:

"Clinton Voted To Advance Legislation Cutting War Funding By March 31, 2008, Refused To Pledge Support For The Bill If It Came To A Final Vote, Then Said She Would Vote For It." (Editorial, "Playing Coy: Clinton Tap Dances On Iraq Funding," The Oklahoman, 5/18/07)

"Later, She Sought To Distance Herself From The Amendment By Stressing Its Procedural Nature, Though When Pressed By Reporters, She Acknowledged That She Supports The Feingold Proposal." (Shailagh Murray, "Symbolic Measure To End War Voted Down 67 To 29 In Senate," The Washington Post, 5/17/07)

Clinton Then Refused To Answer Whether She Would Have Voted For Feingold Amendment Had Cloture Vote Passed. "[W]hen asked Wednesday afternoon, Clinton would not answer whether she would support the actual bill. 'I'm not going to speculate what I'll be voting on in the future,' she told reporters ..." (Ted Barrett and Dana Bash, "Opponents Hammer Clinton On Iraq," CNN Political Ticker Blog,, Posted 5/17/07)

"Still Later, Clinton Refused To Concede She Said Or Signaled Anything Inconsistent With Long-Held Beliefs, Leaving Those Who Listened To It All Scratching Their Heads." (Editorial, "Playing Coy: Clinton Tap Dances On Iraq Funding," The Oklahoman, 5/18/07)

Hillary Offered Several Explanations For Her Vote:

Clinton Denies Charges That She Is "Being Intentionally Vague" By Giving "Conflicting Answers About The Meaning Of Her 'Yes' Vote" Yesterday. "Some of Sen. Hillary Clinton's Democratic presidential opponents are accusing the New York Democrat of giving contradictory statements and being intentionally vague about a critically important issue: her position on Iraq. Clinton is denying the charge, which stems from conflicting answers about the meaning of her 'yes' vote cast Wednesday on a proposal to cut off funding for Iraq." (Ted Barrett and Dana Bash, "Opponents Hammer Clinton On Iraq," CNN Political Ticker Blog,, Posted 5/17/07)

Clintonian Calculation #1 - Supports Underlying Bill: "Hillary, speaking to reporters including The Politico's John Bresnahan in the Senate today, made her position on Reid Feingold clear. 'I support the underlying bill,' she said." (Ben Smith's Blog, "Clinton Clarifies," The Politico Website,, Posted 5/16/07)

Attempting "To Quash A Political Controversy" Clinton Aides Made Her Available To Reporters To Explain She Would Have Voted For The Bill To Cut Off Funding Had The Procedural Vote Passed. "Knowing they had to try to quash a potential controversy, Clinton's aides made her available to reporters to try to explain she was 'misunderstood,' and clarify that she would have voted for the bill to cut off funding, if she had the chance. 'I support the underlying bill,' Clinton said, 'I mean, that's what this vote on cloture was all about.'" (Ted Barrett and Dana Bash, "Opponents Hammer Clinton On Iraq," CNN Political Ticker Blog,, Posted 5/17/07)

Clintonian Calculation #2 - Democrat Unity: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Democratic presidential front-runner, previously opposed setting a deadline on the war. But she said she agreed to back Feingold's measure 'because we, as a united party, must work together with clarity of purpose and mission to begin bringing our troops home and end this war.'" (Anne Flaherty, "Senate Rejects Legislation To Cut Off Funds For Iraq War," The Associated Press, 5/16/07)

Clintonian Calculation #3 - Message To President Bush: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), the 2008 Democratic presidential front-runner, has long opposed setting a withdrawal date. But she voted for the Feingold measure as a message to Bush." (Shailagh Murray, "Symbolic Measure To End War Voted Down 67 To 29 In Senate," The Washington Post, 5/17/07)

Clintonian Calculation #4 - Message To Iraqis: "She also demonstrated an awareness of her stature -- 'I am high profile' -- and the importance of her vote, and the message Democrats are sending, to the Iraqi leadership. 'I know they hear it,' she said." (Ben Smith's Blog, "Clinton Clarifies," The Politico Website,, Posted 5/16/07)

Clintonian Calculation #5 - Deauthorize The War: Clinton: "I will continue to pursue with Senator Byrd our legislation to deauthorize the war by October 11, 2007. I will continue to do everything in my power to convince the president to change course and to work with my colleagues in the Senate to bring an end to this war as soon as possible." (Hillary Clinton For President Exploratory Committee, "From The Senate: Statement Of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton On The Feingold-Reid And Reed-Levin Amendments," Press Release, 5/15/07)

"The New York Senator Refuses To Say She Regrets Her 2002 Vote To Authorize The War, And Has Been Looking For Other Ways To Speak Out Against The War." (Ted Barrett and Dana Bash, "Opponents Hammer Clinton On Iraq," CNN Political Ticker Blog,, Posted 5/17/07)
And This Isn't Hillary Campaign's First Kerryaoke On Iraq:

In February, Clinton Claimed Her Use Of Force Vote Was "Cleary Intended" As Support "For Going To The United Nations" And "To Put Inspectors In Iraq." Clinton: "I have taken responsibility for that vote. It was based on the best assessment that I could make at the time, and it was clearly intended to demonstrate support for going to the United Nations to put inspectors into Iraq." (John DiStaso, "Hillary: I Didn't Vote For 'Pre-Emptive War,'" The [Manchester] Union Leader, 2/10/07)

In Late 2003, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) Said Use Of Force Vote Was Vote "To Go The United Nations" And Noted Importance Of Getting Inspectors Back In Iraq. Kerry: "I voted to do the responsible thing for America, which was to have a threat of force to hold Saddam Hussein accountable and to go to the United Nations. We would not have had Hans Blix and the inspectors in Iraq were it not for the pressure that we brought to bear." (CBS's "The Early Show," 9/2/03)

In January, Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe Said Clinton's Vote For Use Of Force Was Vote For Negotiations. Clinton Advisor Terry McAuliffe: "[S]he voted to give the President the authority to negotiate and to have a stick to go over there and negotiate with Saddam Hussein." (NBC's "Today Show," 1/22/07)

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) Claimed Kerry Believed Use Of Force Vote Was A Use Of Negotiations Vote. "Levin said Kerry believed the resolution would help President Bush negotiate with Iraq but didn't think Bush would use it to go to war." (Dee-Ann Durbin, "Levin, Stabenow Endorsing Kerry," The Associated Press, 2/5/04)

Thursday, May 17, 2007 

TRUTH: Mike Beebe Loves Taxes!

One year ago the state had a surplus of $500 million and was projected to hit $1 billion. Now, thanks to Beebe's push for a major increase in spending, the state is unsure about its financial future.
And yesterday, Mike Beebe showed that his answer is not to cut wasteful spending but to lean on taxes:

"I'm not going to lie to you. I don't know where we'd go without the income tax."

Let's be clear Mike: TAXES are not the answer. More government is not the answer.

Taking money away from hard working Arkansans limits their purchasing power and actually lessens the amount of tax revenues the state will bring in. You get a thriving economy and record tax revenues that create surpluses by letting hard working Arkansans keep their MONEY!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

BREAKING NEWS: Holt May Be Nominated Chairman This Weekend...

Rumor has it that the far right wing of the party is planning to nominate Jim Holt on the floor of the special election this weekend.

Just this morning RPA communication director confirmed that someone like Holt could in fact be drafted from the floor stating, "This will be an open election and anybody can be nominated from the floor."

We believe it is important for the Party to elect a Chairman who is a strong leader within the party. But more importantly, for this cycle anyway, we need a Chairman who can work with the National Party and the Presidential Candidates to help win Arkansas.

Although Arkansas suffered major setbacks in 2006, we can still win the Presidential Race in 2008. Electing someone like Holt is wrong for the Party and we hope that his minions will think twice before attempting this takeover...

The Republican Party IS NOT the Constitution Party!

Thursday, May 10, 2007 


Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross Claims To Represent Mainstream Values

Blue Dog Coalition Co-Chair Rep. Mike Ross: The conservative Blue Dog Coalition was formed in 1995 with the goal of representing the center of the House of Representatives and appealing to the mainstream values of the American public. (Rep. Mike Ross, Press Release, 1/19/07)

The Blue Dogs are dedicated to a core set of beliefs that transcend partisan politics, including a deep commitment to the financial stability and national security of the United States. (Rep. Mike Ross, Press Release, 12/8/06)

Ross has been a member of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition since he was first elected to represent Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District in Congress in 2000. (Rep. Mike Ross, Press Release, 12/8/06)

Ross: “I'm looking at how I can be most effective at helping bring my party back to the middle.” (Paul Barton and Alex Daniels, “Legislators In Majority Relish Win State’s Democrats Aspire To New Roles,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 11/9/07)

Mike Ross’ Rhetoric Doesn’t Match His Voting Record

Mike Ross And Nancy Pelosi Have A Long History of Voting Together on Iraq:

In The 108th Congress Ross And Pelosi Voted Together On Iraq 91 Percent Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly Vote Reports Website,, Accessed 5/10/07)

In The 109th Congress Ross And Pelosi Voted Together On Iraq 86 Percent Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly Vote Reports Website,, Accessed 5/10/07)

In The Current Congress Every Time Pelosi Has Voted On Iraq Mike Ross Has Voted With Her. (Congressional Quarterly Vote Reports Website,, Accessed 5/10/07)

Since 2003 Mike Ross And Nancy Pelosi Have Voted Together On Iraq 91 Percent Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly Vote Reports Website,, Accessed 5/10/07)

Is This The Kind Of Representation Our Soldiers From South Arkansas Deserve?


Pryor Sells Out To Unions

In an election year, Mark Pryor is taking a page from Jerry McGuire and essentially telling the unions to "Show Me The Money!"

The Arkansas News Bureau reports today that Mark Pryor is turning his back on the business community to support a bill that will make it easier for big unions to infiltrate and intimidate businesses across the board.

In a time of a flourishing economy and increasing job creation, it doesn't make sense that Pryor would support union bosses like Teamster's Jimmy Hoffa over Arkansas businesses and limit their growth.

Therefore, it was no surprise then to learn that the largest contributor to Pryor's election campaign in 2002 was LABOR INTERESTS with over $344,960 worth of contributions.

It's a sad day in Arkansas when a Senator has to abandon his constituents to go back to the money well. We will not be fooled by Pryor and the business community will remember this in November...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 

Where Does Mike Beebe Stand (Today)?

The Ark Times put this up on their blog yesterday saying that Beebe is no straddler and that he believes in Evolution. We find it very convenient that the Ark Times has forgotten that they attacked Beebe not too long ago for saying he believed in Intelligent Design.

The media wrote several stories today about Beebe attacking Mike Huckabee for believing in Intelligent Design. We would like to know what Mike Beebe has learned since August 13th that would cause him to say that believing in Intelligent Design in wrong?

"I believe in intelligent design and I don't think intelligent design and evolution are mutually exclusive," Beebe said...

It appears Mike Beebe was for Intelligent Design before he was against it...

Below is a story one of our loyal readers posted on our comments. It comes from an August 13, 2006 Arkansas Times article blasting Beebe for believing in Intelligent Design:

How low can he go?

LENGTH: 331 words

Aug. 13, 2006 (Arkansas Times delivered by Newstex) --

Sometimes, it really is better not to read the newspaper. But I choose to torture myself after checking in on e-mail in Stockholm this morning. And what do I find in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette but another stomach-turning report by the Democrat-Gazette on gubernatorial candidate positions on issues of the day.

Today the outrage is from Mike Beebe. Again. The subject is intelligent design. Is there not a single issue on which he will not pander?

Some candidates for major offices this year say students in Arkansas schools should have access to information on "intelligent design," a theory on the origins of mankind often offered as an alternative - if not a rebuttal - to the theory of evolution.

Those candidates include Mike Beebe, the Democratic nominee for governor who says information on the subject should be "available" to students.

"I believe in intelligent design and I don't think intelligent design and evolution are mutually exclusive," Beebe said.

Beebe's statement said he believes "information" about intelligent design "should be available to Arkansas students."

"This would provide Arkansas students background they need to wrestle with these and other fundamental questions as they become adults," he said. "I believe both should be available because one is the consensus theory of the scientific community, and the other is the predominant belief of most Arkansans and Americans."

He didn't say whether the theory should be a required part of the state's curriculum.A spokesman for his campaign declined to say how Beebe wanted to make information on intelligent design available to students.He also declined to say whether Beebe also believed in evolution.

So-called intelligent design is mutually exclusive from the teaching of evolution in a scientific and constitutional context. Do some reading, Mike. And grow a backbone, will ya? Even the Republicans in Kansas have gotten this one right.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

Would The Real Mike Beebe Please Stand Up?

Today Mike Beebe told reporters that he believes in Evolution and that "evolution is a scientific model that's been taught in higher education circles and public schools since he was a child. The Democratic governor says he believes there's science to support it."

In an effort to pander to liberal Democrats ahead of the 2008 Presidential Election, Beebe noted that Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was "wrong to to say he didn't believe in evolution."

Well, Mike Beebe is nothing more than a flip-flopping, liberal puppet on this issue. A quick media search shows that as long ago as August 14, 2006 in an Associated Press article, Beebe was quoted as saying:

"I believe in intelligent design and I don't think intelligent design and evolution are mutually exclusive."

So we have to say that Mike Beebe is either a puppet being used by national democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to attack Republicans or he has lost his mind and totally forgotten his comments on August 14th.

The Truth is Mike Beebe cannot have his spinmeisters spin his way out of this flip-flop, although I am sure they will try.

Mike Beebe was for intelligent design before he was against it. So we ask, will the real Mike Beebe FINALLY please stand up?


New Republican Party Executive Director Starts In Arkansas...

Little Rock – The Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) is proud to welcome Karen Ray back to Arkansas as the Executive Director of the Republican Party.

Karen has already begun the work for a successful election in 2008 by spending her first week meeting with staff and volunteers around the state. Karen has already raised $10,000 in contributions and was a featured speaker at the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women - 26th Biennial Convention in Rogers, Arkansas.

Her main focuses over the next six months will be recruiting and developing candidates, strengthening county committees, and working to increase the visibility of the Party within the state of Arkansas.

Karen is scheduled to attend three upcoming Lincoln Day Dinners (Boone, Cleburne, and Washington), speak at two Republican Women’s luncheons, the Central Arkansas Republican Club, the Van Buren County Committee and will attend the RNC State Chairman’s Meeting in Columbia, South Carolina. Karen is planning overnight visits to each Congressional district this summer to visit with candidates, volunteers, and the media.

“We are delighted to have Karen serving in this leadership role,” said Gilbert Baker, outgoing Chairman of the RPA. “Karen’s first week has been very successful for the RPA and we are encouraged by her enthusiasm and work ethic.”

Karen was selected as the Executive Director by the Executive Committee of the RPA at a meeting on March 17, 2007. She assumed the role on May 1, 2007.

*If you are interested in having Karen speak at a Republican event please call the RPA at: (501) 372-7301.

Thursday, May 03, 2007 

Who Is Democrat Barack Obama?

Obama's "Present" Votes In The Illinois Senate
Raise Concerns About His "Core Values"

In The Illinois Senate, Obama Had A "Strategy" To Avoid Casting Votes That Might Endanger His Re-Election:

On An Abortion Bill In The Illinois Senate, Obama Voted "Present" So As Not To "Look Insensitive And Endanger [His] Re-Election." "Obama said he sought compromise with abortion opponents, but they balked. As a fallback, he said he worked out an arrangement with abortion-rights advocates to encourage Democrats to vote 'present' on some bills if they feared a 'no' would look insensitive and endanger their re-election." (Rick Pearson and Ray Long, "Careful Steps, Looking Ahead," Chicago Tribune, 5/3/07)

In 1997, Obama Voted "Present" On Legislation Banning Partial Birth Abortions That Contained An Exception For The Life Of The Mother And A Provision Prohibiting Prosecution Of The Mother. (David A. Joens and Paul Kleppner, Almanac Of Illinois Politics - 1998, p. 81)

But Did Obama's "Strategy" Apply To His Other "Present" Votes?

"We Aren't Talking About A 'Present' Vote On Whether To Name A State Office Building After A Deceased State Official, But Rather About Votes That Reflect An Officeholder's Core Values." (Nathan Gonzales, Op-Ed, "The Ever-'Present' Obama," The Rothenberg Political Report, 2/13/07)

In 1998, Obama Failed To Support A Bill Requiring Schools To Teach Discipline And Respect For Others. "Amends The School Code. ...Requires all public school teachers to teach pupils discipline and respect for others." (H.B. 3793: Senate Floor Third Reading, Passed 44-10-1, 5/13/98, Obama Voted Present)

In 1999, Obama Voted "Present" On A Bill Requiring Mandatory Adult Prosecution For Aggravated Discharge Of Firearms On Or Near School Property. (S.B. 759: Senate Floor Third Reading, Passed 52-1-5, 3/25/99, Obama Voted Present)

In 1999, Obama Was The Only Senator Who Refused To Support Legislation To Protect The Privacy Of Sex-Abuse Victims By Allowing Petitions To Have The Trial Records Sealed. (H.B. 854: Senate Floor Third Reading, Passed 58-0-1, 5/11/99, Obama Voted Present)

In 2001, Obama Refused To Support A Bill Restricting "Adult" Establishments Near Schools, Churches, And Homes. In 2001, Obama refused to support a bill restricting "adult use" establishments by prohibiting locations of such establishments within 1000 feet of schools, parks, places of worship, preschools, day cares and other residential areas. (S.B. 609: Senate Floor Third Reading, Failed 33-15-5, 3/29/01, Obama Voted Present)

Or Is This Just Another Obama Exaggeration?

"But Few Of The Other [Illinois Senate] Democrats Who Voted 'Present' On Abortion Bills Recall Such A Strategy." (Rick Pearson and Ray Long, "Careful Steps, Looking Ahead," Chicago Tribune, 5/3/07)

Click Here To View Obama's Past Exaggerations

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 

Arkansas: A Blue or Red State?

As all indications from the 2006 elections would lead us to believe that the Republican Party is in shambles in Arkansas, the Truth Blog sees that there is hope...

We happen to think that the Republican Party can make some inroads with conservatives this election cycle. Although the Democratic Party dominated the 2006 elections, we believe that this will not hold true in 2008.

Do Arkansans really identify with Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barrack Obama? Absolutely not.

We believe that Republicans in the state should get involved with the Party this year to help keep Hillary or Obama out of the White House...

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