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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

BREAKING NEWS: Holt May Be Nominated Chairman This Weekend...

Rumor has it that the far right wing of the party is planning to nominate Jim Holt on the floor of the special election this weekend.

Just this morning RPA communication director confirmed that someone like Holt could in fact be drafted from the floor stating, "This will be an open election and anybody can be nominated from the floor."

We believe it is important for the Party to elect a Chairman who is a strong leader within the party. But more importantly, for this cycle anyway, we need a Chairman who can work with the National Party and the Presidential Candidates to help win Arkansas.

Although Arkansas suffered major setbacks in 2006, we can still win the Presidential Race in 2008. Electing someone like Holt is wrong for the Party and we hope that his minions will think twice before attempting this takeover...

The Republican Party IS NOT the Constitution Party!

Jim Holt would be the worst thing to happen to the state party. He couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone bring the GOP to a resurgence. He's in the tank!

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