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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

Would The Real Mike Beebe Please Stand Up?

Today Mike Beebe told reporters that he believes in Evolution and that "evolution is a scientific model that's been taught in higher education circles and public schools since he was a child. The Democratic governor says he believes there's science to support it."

In an effort to pander to liberal Democrats ahead of the 2008 Presidential Election, Beebe noted that Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was "wrong to to say he didn't believe in evolution."

Well, Mike Beebe is nothing more than a flip-flopping, liberal puppet on this issue. A quick media search shows that as long ago as August 14, 2006 in an Associated Press article, Beebe was quoted as saying:

"I believe in intelligent design and I don't think intelligent design and evolution are mutually exclusive."

So we have to say that Mike Beebe is either a puppet being used by national democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to attack Republicans or he has lost his mind and totally forgotten his comments on August 14th.

The Truth is Mike Beebe cannot have his spinmeisters spin his way out of this flip-flop, although I am sure they will try.

Mike Beebe was for intelligent design before he was against it. So we ask, will the real Mike Beebe FINALLY please stand up?

How low can he go?

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Aug. 13, 2006 (Arkansas Times delivered by Newstex) --

Sometimes, it really is better not to read the newspaper. But I choose to torture myself after checking in on e-mail in Stockholm this morning. And what do I find in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette but another stomach-turning report by the Democrat-Gazette on gubernatorial candidate positions on issues of the day.

Today the outrage is from Mike Beebe. Again. The subject is intelligent design. Is there not a single issue on which he will not pander?

Some candidates for major offices this year say students in Arkansas schools should have access to information on "intelligent design," a theory on the origins of mankind often offered as an alternative - if not a rebuttal - to the theory of evolution.

Those candidates include Mike Beebe, the Democratic nominee for governor who says information on the subject should be "available" to students.

"I believe in intelligent design and I don't think intelligent design and evolution are mutually exclusive," Beebe said. ..

Beebe's statement said he believes "information" about intelligent design "should be available to Arkansas students."

"This would provide Arkansas students background they need to wrestle with these and other fundamental questions as they become adults," he said. "I believe both should be available because one is the consensus theory of the scientific community, and the other is the predominant belief of most Arkansans and Americans."

He didn't say whether the theory should be a required part of the state's curriculum.

A spokesman for his campaign declined to say how Beebe wanted to make information on intelligent design available to students.

He also declined to say whether Beebe also believed in evolution.

So-called intelligent design is mutually exclusive from the teaching of evolution in a scientific and constitutional context. Do some reading, Mike. And grow a backbone, will ya? Even the Republicans in Kansas have gotten this one right.

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