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Tuesday, March 20, 2007 

FLASHBACK: Senator Pryor Against Timetables In Iraq!


“President Bush should lay out for the American people measurable goals for success in Iraq; however, it is a grave mistake to publicly announce timetables and consequently hand over our game plan to Iraqi insurgents... Finally, I have talked to countless troops who have pleaded with me not to give the enemy any indication of troop movements, especially those showing we are reducing forces. They know it endangers them and their comrades. I cannot and will not put them at risk." (Daniel Connolly, "Lincoln, Pryor Split On Iraq Troop Withdrawal Amendment," The Associated Press, 06/22/06)

Let's remind Mark Pryor of his stance as the democrats attempt to insert withdrawal timetables into a war appropriations bill this Thursday. It is irresponsible for the democrats to use back room maneuvers to get legislation passed when it has already failed the Senate.

Check this out:

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