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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 

The Truth About Senate Democrats And Payday Lenders

We have reported many times about the Democrats' cozy relationships with the payday lending industry. So its no wonder that the Senate Democrats killed the bill to end this vicious lending practice.

We already know how much money Beebe received during the campaign from the Industry. And we know that Beebe's close friend and payday lending lobbyist Don Tilton worked tirelessly to keep poor Arkansans paying ridiculous interest rates.

We just wonder what kind of preferrential treatment Beebe gave to Tilton seeing that Tilton says Beebe "is like a brother to me."

Between the chief lobbyist for the payday lending industry being the Governor's best friend and donating over $60,000 to the Democrats, there is no wonder regular Arkansans have no chance.

We rarely note anything that comes from the Arkansas Times Blog, but on this case we turn to one of their bloggers, deathbyinches, who tells his liberal friends to remember who was involved in killing this bill and vote them out of office...Well we hope our liberal friends will heed their own advice seeing as their party faithful are the ones so closely tied to the payday lending industry.

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