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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 

Beebe: Official or Campaign Newsletter

Mike Beebe has a history of mixing campaign activities and official business. And although Beebe doesn't have another race until 2010, he is already blurring the line between campaign activity and official business. Just today we received an email from "Mike Beebe for Governor" asking us to help join his team by signing up for what equates to a campaign newsletter, the Capitol Dispatch.

If you will notice, the solicitation is paid for by Mike Beebe for Governor. However, the obvious campaign newsletter, appears to be funded by the taxpayers and can only be signed up for on his official website: www.governor.arkansas.gov.

Its one thing to provide an official newsletter, but its another to provide a taxpayer funded campaign newsletter. With Mike Beebe's history of campaigning from his official office, he should come clean and end this shady practice. What's next, phone banks at the Mansion?

This doesn't surprise me. The truth is, Democrats just can't help themselves! They can't seem to stay away from shady practices and their idiot supporters are too stupid to realize it.

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