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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

Republicans Choose Leaders...

On Saturday, Republicans from across the state came to Little Rock for the state convention. Following the tough elections this past cycle, it was an important convention. According to this news article, Gilbert Baker was re-elected Chairman with Jim Lagrone becoming the new First Vice-Chairman, Ann Briton the new Second Vice-Chairman, Jennifer Parks, Secretary and Dennis Milligan, Treasurer.

We believe that the decision by Baker and affirmed by the convention to set up a business steering committee is exactly what the party needs. It is important for our party to remain the pro-business, fiscally conservative party that selects candidates not only on their commitment to conservative principles, but also on their economic positions.

It is important for us to get back to the age of fiscal conservatism with low taxes and personal responsibility and accountability. We must not rely on government to fix our problems. Government spending and wasteful programs should be at the forefront of the party's platform and the Truth is that Chairman Baker obviously understands this. We applaud the party for this initial step towards fiscally conservative principles and look forward to seeing the recommendations.

Boozman voted IN FAVOR OF raising the minimum wage. Will you be posting anything on that?

Wow! I'm so glad the Arkansas GOP is alive and kickin'(heavy sarcasm). Thank God the Huckabee clan has been booted from Little Rock. Now, maybe, just maybe, Arkansas can prosper. Congrats to Guv. Beebe.

Hey idiot lib, Arkansas WAS prosperous under Huckabee. At least Huckabee only raised taxes ONCE. No telling how many times Socialist Mike will raise them! You need to get your head out of your butt and wake up to reality.

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