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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 

Arkansas Democrats Have Nothing Better To Do...

The Democratic Party of Arkansas can't take the fact that a Republican has won a political race in Arkansas and now plans to pursue a recount in Benton County even though they quote "don't expect it to change the (outcome of) the race."

The Democrat candidate in the district 2 J.P.'s racve doesn't even think a recount is neccessary.

This article, however claims that "the state and county party still wanted to pursue a handcount to restore trust in the election process, said Barbara McCoy, chairwoman of the Benton County Democratic Party. Three different results and rumors of problems at precincts have made the public doubt the system, she said."

So now we are having recounts based on rumors. I have heard rumors for years that the Democrats pay off African-American preachers to buy their congregation's votes. Maybe we should investigate that and have a recount on every democrat election win for the past 50 years?

It is time for the DPA to accept that there are still Republicans in Arkansas and move on...

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