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Thursday, October 19, 2006 

Halter Took Senior Citizen’s Exemption on Property Tax

From the inbox...

For Immediate Release:

Oct. 19, 2006

LITTLE ROCK— “Recently, Bill Halter accused Senator Jim Holt of cheating on his property taxes over an old van a friend gave him. Jim Holt provided complete access to all his records to the media, and proved he was innocent of the charge. Now, we have some property tax questions for Bill Halter,” said Clint Reed, the Executive Director of the Republican party of Arkansas.

“However, we are not going to accuse him of being a tax cheat in the same fashion as Mr. Halter did Senator Holt. We just want Mr. Halter to be as open as Senator Holt has been in releasing all records to the media so we can find out the truth on why Mr. Halter has taken property tax credits that he was not entitled to, including a Senior Citizen’s Credit in 2003. It also appears that Mr. Halter took a homestead exemption to which he was not entitled from 2003-2005.”

This was on a home Mr. Halter owned in Washington D.C.

“Will Bill Halter stand up to the same high standards of honesty and transparency exemplified by Senator Holt by releasing his property tax audit documents to the media, including the amount of fines he was assessed for taking deductions to which he was not entitled?” asked Reed. “The people have a right to know these things of a man who says he can take care of the people’s business.”

Reed offered to show documentation that Halter had taken the exemptions, and that revisions had been made to his exemptions as the result of an audit and while contemplating a bid for Governor and/or Lt. Governor.

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