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Friday, October 06, 2006 

New Blog Distorting Truth

I don't know how many of you have seen this so called blog "Greasy Creek". They lack all moral dignity and principles. Recently they accused the Arkansas GOP of not having anything in their platform dealing with internet predators.

"Does anyone else find it absurd that the Arkansas GOP is calling out the Democratic Party of Arkansas for omitting language on gay marriage when it appears the Arkansas Republican Party has nothing in its platform specifically addressing internet predators (whereas, the Democratic Party of Arkansas does)?

In fact, does the Republican Party of Arkansas even have a platform? It appears they're too ashamed to put it on their website. Could somebody email it to us?"

Do you not find this ridiculous that they would state the Republican Party has nothing in its platform in regards to sexual predators when they don't even have a copy? Well Greasy the platform is on the website and it does have a section on sexual predators. Why don't you go look at the platform before you make outlandish statements and lies. You are a classic example of the Democrat Party and what they stand for. Thank you for your stupidity. It continues to prove The Truth about the members of the Democrat Party. FYI : Here is the link to the platform because I doubt you could find it by yourself. Read pages 9-11...


I've seen the Greasy Creek blog and they are nothing but shills for the liberal socialist wing of the Democratic party. They'd rather perpetrate lies than look for the truth themselves. It doesn't take a backbone to do what they do. Not surprising since nobody at the blog has one.

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