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Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Mike Beebe: Putting Lobbyists First...

Well it didn't take long for Mike Beebe to show his true colors as Governor-elect. His coziness with special interests and lobbyists has been obvious over the years. Even Beebe spokesman John Brummett warned us in this article back in July that lobbyists would probably affect his policies and governing. And now as Governor-elect, Mike Beebe has confirmed that he may say he believes in Arkansas, but he acts by putting lobbyists first.

His first order of business was to name the states Chief Poultry Lobbyist, Morril Harriman, his Chief-of-Staff and leader of his lobbyist dominiated so called "transition team." Not only is Harriman the chief poultry lobbyist, but his wife is currently a lobbyist for a list of shady clients including the greyhound race track in West Memphis. That sounds like a conflict of interests to me. It will be interesting to see how soon Beebe caters to the poultry and gambling interests...

But at least Harriman will be able to "enhance his state retirement."

"Lawmakers who served before 1991 are eligible for a two-for-one credit for years in the Legislature applied to their state retirement. Retirement is based on the average of an employee’s top three years of salary in state government, not just their salary in the Legislature, where pay is much lower. Beebe also would get the two-for-one credit when he retires." (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 11-9-06)

"His four transition team members announced Wednesday are term-limited state Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, chairman of the House Education Committee; Alltel director and former natural gas company executive Emon Mahony of El Dorado, the brother of longtime state Rep. Jodie Mahony, D-El Dorado; lawyer and insurance lobbyist Ark Monroe III of Little Rock, a former aide to U. S. Sen. Dale Bumpers; and car dealer Don Nelms of Springdale, who worked as an aide for Gov. Jim Guy Tucker. "

It appears that Beebe's first order of business is exactly what we thought he would do - take care of the lobbyists and special interests that paid to get him elected. Its amazing how we can't see these people for who they are until its too late...

Looks like we can also count on higher energy prices. All I can say is that the people of Arkansas elected him, both Dems and Republicans who stayed home. Looks like they're going to get what they wanted. My problem is that those 2 groups of people deserve it; the rest of us who voted correctly don't.

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