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Friday, November 03, 2006 

"Official State Pansy"

Flashback: November 2002 Arkansas Democrat Gazette: “…Official state pansy Mike Beebe, sat comfortably on the sidelines.”

If you take a look at Mike Beebe's latest finance report you will see two contributions from Mike Beebe to the Democrat Party totaling $230,000. This is a clear violation of campaign finance laws as a candidate running for office cannot contribute to a state party until after the election. This just proves Mike Beebe's lack of ethics and lack of concern for the laws of Arkansas. Mike Beebe touts himself as the "Top Law Enforcement Official" in Arkansas yet he uses a state computer for political purposes, meets with campaign employees in his state offices, allows convicted felon, Nick Wilson to remain in office and the latest, breaking campaign finance laws. This man is clearly showing his lack of concern for ethics and whines and threatens TV stations with lawsuits about his opponent running attack ads (which in fact Asa has not even seen the ads and is not running them) against him for his lack of backbone. In fact, all of Beebe's cronies that spoke up for him regarding the Wilson ads contributed to his campaign...cozy...How about that for ethics?

Is this the man you want to be Governor of Arkansas?

Mike, Pat Lynch was right, you do need a new backbone...

Beebe's close ties to the Nick Wilson scandal will definitely hurt him in the election. That's perfectly fine with me, though. Beebs isn't qualified to be governor. And Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning) Arkansas will have a new governor....Governor Asa Hutchinson!

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