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Sunday, January 28, 2007 

The Truth About Hill-Billery's Scripted Screenplay...

Hillary Clinton's campaign for President is less than a month old and we are already seeing her true colors coming out. It is clear that Hillary's spin doctors are going to control her message and public appearances at every turn. It is very obvious that they want to keep her from answering any questions at all.
Just the other day, Senator Clinton's campaign issued a press release promising 3 live web "conversations" on "important issues." Her exploratory committee website stated:

"Senator Clinton Will Answer Americans' Questions On Important Issues Like The Iraq War, Health Care, And Energy Independence Three Nights In A Row..."

"You Can Ask Hillary Your Questions And Watch Her Answers In Our Live Webcast."
However, these conversations turned out to be a short, well scripted and clearly pre-screened question and answer session.

In fact the Washington Post's Anne Kornblut called this "a carefully controlled setting where inquiries about affordable tuition and health care counted among the tougher topics, she reminisced, in response to a question about Hurricane Katrina, about walking the streets of New Orleans on visits when she and her husband lived in Arkansas."
Clearly the American people are going to see what we have known all along. Hillary Clinton only cares about power and her lifelong dream to become President will be calculated and scripted as her life has been for the last 20 years...

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