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Wednesday, February 14, 2007 

Clint Reed Joins The RNC...

The blogs are all blazing with the news that Arkansas GOP Executive Director Clint Reed is leaving his post to join the RNC. We congratulate Clint on his new job and want to say that we believe it is well deserved. Clint served the party well and will do a great job moving forward. Now the question remains, who will fill his shoes. We hear that there are many folks hoping to jump in the ring: Jeremy Hutchinson, Bruce Campbell, Jim Harris, Jennifer Crawley and Doug Matayo. We wonder what our readers think about who the next E.D. will be?

Jennifer Maune is well deserving of the position. Also a Jon Gilmore type makes sense. Hopefully Gilbert Baker will realize that someone from within the organization would be the best fit. Obviously there are a couple candidates there now who will undoubtedly do a great job. You have to keep the ball in motion, not stop it and then start it again. Someone there can start right where Mr. Reed has left off. And lets be honest, they are deserving. From the outside looking in, the RPA is being well served by the core of individuals that are currently giving their time now.

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