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Friday, March 02, 2007 

The Truth About Democrats And Education

Arkansas Democrats have once again proven that they are beholden to teachers unions and have no interest in improving education in the state. Democrats have no problem increasing funding for public schools but when it comes to raising standards and really working to improve the level of education in Arkansas the Democrats work as obstructionists.

House Bill 1504 by Rep. Keven Anderson R-Rogers would increase the number of Charter Schools the Board of Education could grant from 24 to 48. Charter schools are good for the state. In exchange for the funding and freedom, charter schools must live up to a higher standard than traditional schools by setting specific academic goals for their students. If a school fails to meet its contractual goals, usually within four to five years, the state can revoke its charter and close the school. Public schools are not required to meet this type of standard.

Wow, standards and contractual obligations to succeed? Why would Democrats want that?

In fact, Democrat Rep. David Rainey of Dumas summed up Democrats position by equating Charter Schools with "the road to hell."

"I'm sure your intentions are good, but we all know what they say about the road to hell," he said.

While education fails to improve under Democrat leadership, why would they oppose real plans to improve education? We just don't understand...

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