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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 

The Truth About Democrats And Priorities...

The now infamous blogging Democrat legislator, Rep. Steve Harrelson, has made a point we feel needs to be addressed. This AP article shows just how out of touch the Democrats are in Arkansas. With so many real problems that need to be addressed such as economic development, job creation, educational improvements, and other problems that keeps Arkansas from thriving, why does Rep. Harrelson think his job as a legislator is a joke?

Harrelson filed a resolution Tuesday to declare the correct possessive form of the state as "Arkansas's." Apparently Harrelson did it because a "family friend who works as a historian asked him to carry the grammar fight to the floor."

Well, Mr. Harrelson, I will be a friend to the Democratic Party if you all will do your job and improve the quality of education, improve the Arkansas economy, and create new and better jobs for our state.

The Truth is that under Democratic control of the legislature, little has been done to improve anything. We think its about time the Democrats in the state legislature got serious and did something for the people rather than try to pass some joke legislation for a family friend.

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