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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 

Both-Ways Beebe On Gays...

In his article today, Brummett points out that Beebe equates living with a single mother to living with gays. We at the Truth Blog find this offensive to Single Mothers and hope that Beebe is just using this as another one of his political smokescreens rather than really believing this dribble:

"Beebe says a gay household affiliation might stigmatize a small youth in much the way he felt stigmatized as a young boy with a single mom with a last name different from his. But he says Senate Bill 959 is rife with constitutional vulnerability and that he can't see offhand how to fix it."

We want our Governor to stand up for what he believes in. We all know that Beebe tends to go both ways on any controversial issue, but this is just sad. Growing up in a single parent home is not even close to the same thing as growing up with two gay parents. In fact, to infer that is just offensive and Beebe should apologize.

I can't believe no one has called Beebe on this yet. Wow!

Um... I'm missing something here... 2 loving people caring for a child is always a good thing. Ever hear it takes a village? You're posting is an attack on gay couples. Children need love and mutual respect, not homophobic straight couples, to be successful and happy.

I disagree. I think that growing up learning that homosexuality is right is an attack on the child's psyche. And to compare the mental distress a child suffers as a result of having two homosexual parents to that of living with a single mother is absolutely terrible.

I am a republican and always have been but i think that this is a poorly written bill and that conservitives need to stay the hell out of peoples lives

That's his problem...Beebe doesn't believe in anything. He will tell you what you want to hear and will say anything he has to gain approval. This is how he ran his campaign so it shouldn't surprise anybody that he's doing it now.

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