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Wednesday, March 28, 2007 

Beebe Signs Bill Creating Personal Slush Fund...

There is no secret that Mike Beebe has a cozy relationship with special interests in Arkansas. Now Beebe has signed a bill that would give him a $50 million slush fund to reward those special interests. At the Truth Blog, we are all for incentives for new businesses and economic development initiatives, but we do not believe creating a slush fund with little oversight is the way.

The law sets up an account which the governor would use for projects such as building roads to sites industries might be interested in developing. The key is, however, that Beebe has said this fund can be used on existing businesses as well.

"Sometimes in our zeal or our efforts to attract new businesses, which we all need to be trying to do, we sometimes forget out own, forget the ones already here, forget the ones already invested in out state," Beebe Said.

Theoretically, Mike Beebe will have the ability to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to fund corporate projects. This so-called quick action closing fund sounds more like Mike Beebe's personal slush fund to reward campaign contributors. We think a bi-partisan commision should be appointed to oversee the use of these funds.

Oh Beebe's just a typical "put special interests first and make sure they have your back when you need a CYA moment liberal Democrat." This does NOT surprise me.

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