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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 

This is so accurate...

That cartoon isn't 'accurate.' it's misleading and overly simplistic. to suggest that the united states should not follow the geneva conventions or that we should not honor the rules of engagement simply because our opponent doesn't is not a reason for us to lower our standards. lowering the standard of one's ethics to those of our enemy is not the answer. in fact, it has only contributed to the problem.

The only to rule to WAR is to WIN.. or be ruled under the Intolerant, FREEDOM
Hating War MONGERS, who want to Rule the World and Kill the INFIDEL..If your DEAD all your fuzzy little ideals wont mean anything...

WAR 101... War has 1 Rule
Rule 1. .... WIN
Because if we (USA) LOSE, Non of your sweet fuzzy little idealistic lala land ideas will mean anything...
Dont worry you'll understand when a Mushroom Cloud lights up the sky in your backyard..

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