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Monday, June 19, 2006 

What does this say about Mike Beebe and ethics?

Old cartoon from the Benton Courier...
It seems we are not the only people that recognize Beebe's problem with ethics...

Mike Beebe worked to defeat ethics proposals by Doyle Webb when he served in the senate. When Senator Webb proposed the ethics rules, Mike Beebe stated (remember this is after the Nick Wilson scandal): "...I don't know what the rationale is..." (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 11/16/2000)

Beebe can run but he can't hide from his past...

I think you mean ASA can't run from his past. Like prosecuting Clinton while living with his cheating brother at the same time. Like profiting on his political career by becoming what people hate most -- a lobbyist. Like not being hard on illegal immigration when that was his job at homeland security.

Nice Try Greg Hale. Keep responding to the blogs. No one can tell its you when you call yourself....ANONYMOUS!

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