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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Good Ol' Boys Network

Now, this is how Mike Beebe and the “Good Ol’ Boy System” works…

Let’s follow the twist and turns of Mike Beebe’s system:

Stop #1) White County Quorum Court approves an ordinance that requires cities within White County to pay court fines of $5 per defendant in district and city courts to defray the costs of operating the county jail.

Stop #2) Three cities (Judsonia, Pangburn, and Kensett) say the ordinance should not apply to them.

Stop #3) Attorney General Mike Beebe issues an opinion in April of 2005 stating that the ordinance does not apply to city courts, but could apply to district courts.

Stop #4) The Searcy law firm Lightle, Raney, Bell, and Simpson, LLC refuses to pay the fees and establishes a slush fund within their law office to deposit the fines.

Stop #6) The city attorneys for the named cities are the following: Judsonia, Donald Raney; Pangburn, Donald Raney (also); Kensett, Watson Bell. All partners with the law firm Lightle, Raney, Bell and Simpson, LLC.

Stop #7) Mike Beebe is a former principle at Lightle, Beebe, Raney, Bell and Simpson, LLC.

Stop #8) To top it all off: Mike Beebe is/was a business partner with Donald Raney in Dax and Company, a property rental limited liability partnership.

Good Ol’ Boy Politics at its best. Help your friends, protect your friends, and make some money doing it…..

And to think that Mike Beebe could be the next Governor of the State of Arkansas….

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