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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 

Who's Who In Special Interests & Convicted Felons

Have you ever wondered who would be on the list of "Who's Who In Special Interests"? Well, all you have to do is look at Mike Beebe's contribution report from the month of May alone and it looks like an attorney and special interests directory. It seems that Mike Beebe will continue to accept contributions from entities that he regulates despite the obvious ethical questions this raises. It looks as though every member of the AT&T administration was asked to give Mike a donation.

Here are a few excerpts from the report...note convicted felon Jim Guy Tucker at the bottom. Flashback: Beebe also seems to be good friends with Susan McDougal...

Name Occupation Amount
Shariq Tariq Alltel $50.00
Lacy Kennedy Alltel Attorney $350.00
Randall Stephenson AT&T - COO $1,000.00
Dorothy Attwodd AT&T Sr. VP - Regulatory Planning & Policy $500.00
Eddie Drilling AT&T Arkansas - President $1,000.00
Edward Whitacre Jr. AT&T CEO $500.00
Scott Helbring AT&T Chief Marketing Officer $500.00
Priscilla Ardoin-Hill AT&T Chief Privacy Officer $500.00
Terry Bailey AT&T Communications $250.00
James Kahan AT&T Corporate Development $500.00
William Blase Jr. AT&T E.V.P. Labor Relations $250.00
Douglas Heath AT&T Executive Director $150.00
Rayford Wilkins Jr. AT&T Group President $500.00
Lee Ann Champion AT&T IP Operations & Services $300.00
Maureen Merkle AT&T President of Procurement $100.00
Alfred Richter AT&T Senior VP $250.00
Richard Dietz AT&T Senior VP Investor Relations $500.00
James Callaway AT&T Sr. E.V.P. of Business Development $1,000.00
James Ellis AT&T Sr. VP & General Counsel $500.00
James Shelley AT&T State Regulatory Affairs $1,000.00
Karen Jennings AT&T Telecom Executive $500.00
Jonathon Klug AT&T Vice President - Treasurer $500.00
John Stephens AT&T Vice President & Controller $500.00
Ann Meuleman AT&T Vice President & Secretary $100.00
Mike Viola AT&T VP Corporate Finance $500.00
Allen Gordon Attorney $150.00
Anthony Black Attorney $50.00
Arlon Woodruff Attorney $250.00
Bartels Law Firm Attorney $1,250.00
C. Tad Bohannon Attorney $500.00
Darrin Williams Attorney $50.00
David James Attorney $800.00
Derrick Smith Attorney $50.00
Edward Oglesby Attorney $1,000.00
Edward Penick Attorney $500.00
Emily Sneddon Attorney $500.00
Ernest Brown Attorney $100.00
Gary Green Attorney $200.00
Gene Adams Attorney $200.00
George Campbell Attorney $250.00
Glenn Kelley Attorney $250.00
Joye Kelley Attorney $250.00
Julie Greathouse Attorney $50.00
Kelley Webb Attorney $50.00
Kevin Hutchinson Attorney $500.00
Linda Shepherd Attorney $250.00
Louis Light Attorney $250.00
Marcus Vaden Attorney $250.00
Mark Pate Attorney $2,000.00
Mark Velasquez Attorney $250.00
R. M. Eubanks III Attorney $100.00
Robert Cearley Jr. Attorney $100.00
Robert Thompson Attorney $100.00
Roger Kiley Attorney $1,000.00
Southern & Allen Attorney $500.00
Steve Joiner Attorney $100.00
Steve Shults Attorney $100.00
Terrence Mann Attorney $100.00
Todd Wooten Attorney $500.00
Virgil Young Attorney $1,000.00
Wilson Jones Attorney $250.00
Chet Roberts Attorney - AR Blue Cross & Blue Shield $100.00
Jim Ibison Bail Bonds Manager $1,000.00
Ronald Hughes Energy Efficiency Consultant $250.00
Johnnie Wells Entergy $250.00
James Eric Jones Entergy / Government Relations $200.00
Morril Harriman Poultry Federation/ Executive Director $1,000.00
J R Thomas Searcy Chief of Police $400.00
Jim Guy Tucker Self $250.00

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