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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Beebe On Gasoline

Beebe On Gasoline

I draw your attention to a letter in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette last December:

Beebe must investigate
For months, White County, especially Searcy, paid [much] more [for a gallon of gasoline] than was being paid elsewhere. I think the reason for this can be traced to the gasoline suppliers.Multiple thousands of dollars were made by someone, and supply and demand does not offer an adequate explanation. The attorney general, Mike Beebe, is from here. If he is concerned about justice, he should make a thorough investigation of the matter. If he fails to do it, I doubt that he will carry White County when he runs for governor, whoever his opponent may be.I think I speak for hundreds of other White Countians as well.



A few weeks ago Mike Beebe stated on KARN News Radio that the biggest issue that Arkansans were focusing on at the moment is gas prices. Anyone that drives a car has noticed the increase in prices at the fuel pump per gallon on gasoline. Mike Beebe says that he has a record of supporting lower gas prices and promoting alternative fuel sources. The Truth decided to take a look at Mr. Beebe’s record and it seems that it doesn’t shine as brightly as he would like.

Mike Beebe wants Arkansans to think that he is looking out for their best interests but as we have seen recently, Mike Beebe is never concerned with the interests of the Arkansas tax payer. As the release from Republican Party of Arkansas stated, Mike Beebe has consistently voted to increase taxes and spending when given the opportunity. The release claimed that Mike Beebe voted to raise taxes in excess of $10 billion during his tenure in the Arkansas State Senate. Now, the Arkansas Times and others were quick to criticize the Republican Parties figures as “voodoo” math because the figures were calculated from the vote until Mike Beebe left office. The point still remains that when given the opportunity will Mike Beebe support tax increases or tax decreases? Well take a look at his voting record and you will see which way Mike Beebe leans.

How much less would Arkansans be paying at the gas pump if Mike Beebe had not voted to increase taxes on gasoline? I know many of you are going to say that this money went to support good causes and I am not refuting that, but when do you draw a line on spending? Mike why didn’t put forward proposals to cut programs and eliminate wasteful spending instead of always voting to support spending. Mike Beebe spent 20 years in the Arkansas Senate and what has the state of Arkansas received? Well, our taxes are higher our crime rates are higher, and our gas prices are higher. Jason Willett issues press releases accusing Asa Hutchinson of creating the illegal immigration problem but has nothing to say about Entergy Attorney Mike Beebe. Listed below are a few of Mike Beebe’s votes relating to gas prices…look at them for yourself and choose who you want to run Arkansas.

HB460/SB517 of 1985 - An act to levy an additional tax of five cents per gallon on motor fuel and distillate special fuels and to proportionately increase the annual fee for vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas; to prescribe the purposes for which the additional revenues derived from the tax levied herein shall be used. Beebe: “Yes”

  • This was a proposal that raised gasoline taxes by four cents a gallon and diesel fuel taxes by two cents a gallon to raise $ 50 million a year and finance a massive rural road program outlined by the Highway Commission. Clinton vetoed both of these proposals but both the Senate and House overrode the vetoes.

SB96 of 1991 - An act to levy additional taxes on motor fuel, distillate special fuels, and liquefied gas special fuels; to amend Arkansas code §26-55-710 and to amend Arkansas code §26-56-214 to insure that the additional taxes levied by this act are imposed on bonded and unbonded interstate motor fuel users and bonded and unbonded interstate distillate special fuel users; to amend Arkansas code §26-56-304 to combine all current annual fees for and to include in such annual fees imposed on liquefied gas special fuel users a proportionate increase in the annual fees for vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas to approximate the per gallon additional taxes imposed by this act on liquefied gas special fuels; to repeal Arkansas code §§26-56-503 and 26-55-1003; to prescribe the purposes for which the additional revenues derived from the taxes and fees levied herein shall be used; to declare an emergency; and for other purposes. Beebe: “Yes”

  • This bill will raised gasoline taxes by 5 cents a gallon and diesel taxes by 2 cents a gallon.

HB1548 of 1999 – An Act to levy an additional excise tax on motor fuel and an additional tax on distillate special fuel. Beebe: “Yes”

  • HB 1548, which became Act 1028 of 1999, includes raising the tax on diesel fuel from 18.6 cents to 20.6 cents now and to 22.6 cents a year from now. Beginning July 1, the tax on a gallon gasoline would rise 1 cent to 19.6 cents and another penny would be added on July 1 of each of the next two years

HB2372 of 2001 - An act to provide sales and use tax exemptions for the processing of waste into fuel products. Beebe: Not Voting

  • This bill added a new subsection to Arkansas Code 26-52-401 to exempt from sales tax the following items:

(A)Gross receipts or gross proceeds derived from the sale of fuel packaging materials to a person engaged in the business of processing hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials into fuel products at a facility permitted by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for hazardous waste treatment.
(B) Gross receipts or gross proceeds derived from the sale of machinery and equipment including analytical equipment and chemicals used directly in processing and packaging of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials into fuel products at a facility permitted by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for hazardous waste treatment.

That's pretty damning evidence. How can you let the public know? The msm aren't reporting on this.

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