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Monday, May 08, 2006 

Mark Moore Resigns As Holt Campaign Manager

Statement From Mark:
I have turned in my resignation as Campaign Director of the Jim Holt for Lt. Governor Campaign for personal reasons. My resignation was given this Saturday and accepted on May 2nd. I still want to help Senator Holt become the next Lt. Governor. It is my belief that the primary election is well in hand and I look forward to an overwhelming victory for the Holt campaign on May 23rd. The criticism from Mr. Banks about party issues was not a direct cause of this decision. I wish Senator Holt and his family all of God's blessings and plan to vote for him as soon as the polls open.

NWAPolitics: Mark Moore recently told a Lincoln Day Dinner crowd that he had "cashed in his life savings to work without pay full-time to help elect Jim Holt."

Mark Moore is a good Christian Man. I wish him well. I also encourage everyone to vote for Jim Holt and Jim Bob Duggar on May 23rd.

Mark Moore may be a Christian man but he is a radical as is Holt. Moore said the Republican Party doesn't recognize Jesus Christ...That is ridiculous and Holt should not allow him to hang around the campaign like he is...

why does asa keep referring to his job at homeland security? the president fired him. is this a resume plus? southwest blogger?

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