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Monday, May 01, 2006 

From the Inbox...

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Doug Matayo For Lt. Governor


May 1, 2006

LEGISLATORS ANNOUNCE SUPPORT FOR MATAYO CAMPAIGN Arkansas lawmakers endorse, contribute to Matayo campaign

SPRINGDALE — Several Republican state lawmakers announced today their support for Doug Matayo as lieutenant governor. They join several current and former lawmakers who have already supported the Matayo campaign.

Representatives Johnny Key, R-Mountain Home; Mark Martin, R-Prairie Grove; and Jim Medley, R-Fort Smith, are publicly endorsing Matayo in the GOP preferential primary.

"Doug Matayo shepherded conservative legislation into law using relationships and diplomacy, not by rhetoric and demands," said Martin. "The effectiveness of those tactics was demonstrated by impressive results."

"Doug knows that it takes more than empty rhetoric to be an effective leader," said Key. "I have seen him at work in passing major legislation, such as streamlining the adoption process, the merger of the Department of Health and DHS, and tightening the driver's license system. Doug Matayo is an effective legislator, and Doug Matayo will be an effective Lt. Governor."

Former state Rep. Andrew Morris, R-Springdale, has previously endorsed Matayo. Matayo served as Morris’ campaign manager in his successful 1998 legislative campaign.

"Doug is a true conservative," Morris said. "He has a record of protecting the unborn and fighting to preserve your right to bear arms."

Current Senate Minority Leader Sean Womack, R-Mountain Home, and former Senate Minority Leader John Brown III have both made financial contributions to the Matayo campaign.

Rep. Eric Harris, R-Lowell, and former representatives Frank Glidewell, R-Fort Smith, and David Haak, R-Texarkana, have each made financial contributions to Matayo’s campaign for lieutenant governor.

Cherissa Roebuck
(479) 220-1385

I would expect to see a more impressive list from Banks soon. I think Doug should also look at who else the people he listed as contributors have given to recently.


I'd be interested to know what, exactly, Doug Matayo has done in fighting to protect my right to bear arms. Did he say something particularly persuasive when someone introduced a bill in the state legislature to take away our guns? Did he punch someone in the nose for supporting taking away our guns? If his supporters want us to believe this claim, then let's have some specifics where he stopped a credible threat in the state legislature. I can recall no such bill and no such fight.

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