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Monday, April 24, 2006 

Group Forms to Address the Issue of Democrats Running in Republican Primaries

This was forwarded to us. Check it out...

Press Advisory Notice
Contact: Aaron Wolfe
Phone: 479-236-4388

Group Forms to Address the Issue of Democrats Running in Republican Primaries
A group of concerned Republican voters in Northwest Arkansas have formed the Conservative Republican Coalition of Northwest Arkansas to address the recent disturbing trend of Democrats posing as conservatives and filing for public office as Republicans. Led by Aaron Wolfe of Springdale, the group has made it their goal to make sure that the public is aware of the fact that these "recent converts"
to the Republican Party are putting their own personal political ambition above political principle.
"We must question the motives of Kathy McFethridge and R. Shawn McGrew in switching political parties," Wolfe said, "Both of them were beaten badly by Republican opponents in their previous political races. This election year conversion smacks of political opportunism."
McFethridge who is now running for State Representative as a Republican in Springdale ran for the same office as a Democrat against Republican Jim Bob Duggar in 1998. In addition, she stated at a recent Republican Party candidate forum that she voted for Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential Election.
McGrew was, up until this year, a member of Benton County Democratic Committee and also the Arkansas Democratic Hispanic Caucus. He ran for Benton County JP in 2000 as a Democrat.
"We welcome those who share our ideas and principles to join the Republicans Party. We are the Big Tent Party," Wolfe said, "We, also, realize that almost everyone in this state was at one point a Democrat; however, there is a difference between joining the Republican Party because of ideological kinship and using the Party for personal political gain."
The Conservative Republican Coalition of Northwest Arkansas is grassroots organization committed to the conservative principles of limited government, lower taxation, and the traditional values that have made our country great.

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