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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Beebe...

The Truth loves the statement made by Zac Wright: Beebe campaign spokesman Zac Wright dismissed the accusations as "nothing new."

Zac, we tend to agree, this is nothing new. It seems to be a recurring trend that Mike Beebe has a disregard for ethics.

LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A Bella Vista man filed an ethics complaint against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Beebe on Wednesday that repeats accusations that Beebe used the attorney general's office for political purposes.

The accusations made by Jim Parsons, a self-described "gadfly," were made earlier this month when he tried to amend another complaint against Beebe. Parsons said he filed the complaint because he was told he couldn't modify his original accusation, which resulted in a public letter of caution against Beebe.

Among other charges, Parsons accuses Beebe of meeting with his gubernatorial campaign manager in the attorney general's office and conducting meetings with campaign consultants in that office.

Beebe campaign spokesman Zac Wright dismissed the accusations as "nothing new."

Beebe has said these meetings with political operatives and staff in his AG office were legal. This is absurd. Will the Ethics Commission clarify the law, or will all politicians now get to start using thier taxpayer funded offices to campaign out of?

Why doesn't Gilbert Baker file any complaints? It is no wonder that no one takes these chages seriously when filed by Jim Parsons, but that's what we get when our party chairman is a wimp.

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