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Monday, April 10, 2006 

Affleck Bomb On Small Screen Too…

Actor Ben Affleck shot his mouth off while appearing on Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Affleck “charged that President Bush ‘probably also leaked’ Valerie Plame's name and so ‘if he did, you can be hung for that! That's treason!’ In full rant, an apoplectic Affleck asserted: ‘You could be killed. That's not a joking around Tom DeLay 'I'll do a year, I bribed the state officials with corporate money.' That's like they shoot you in the battlefield for doing that.’” Affleck also claimed Delay “gerrymandered that district so severely that it looks like a map of Italy, you know what I mean? There won't be a Democrat elected in that seat for a thousand years. You can't say he's the poster boy for the left. He happens to be an incredibly powerful Republican who is a criminal and now you blame Democrats for pointing it out!” Affleck’s somewhat of an authority on criminal behavior, just ask anyone who sat through “Surviving Christmas” or “Gigli.” (Newsbusters.org)

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