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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Ark.'s top lawyer, running for governor, hit with ethics caution

You know it is pretty sad when the guy that is charged to uphold the law and show an example to other Arkansans is given a 'Public Letter of Caution' for breaking ethics laws. The Truth has presented fact after fact of Mike Beebe's disregard for ethics. MIKE BEEBE WHEN WILL THIS STOP?

By ANDREW DeMILLO Associated Press Writer

LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Arkansas' Ethics Commission issued a "Public Letter of Caution" to Attorney General Mike Beebe after the state's chief lawyer acknowledged a campaign worker used a state-owned computer to edit a speech Beebe gave as part of his race for governor.
Beebe had previously acknowledged that use of the state computer - by a campaign volunteer who also works in his state office - was a violation of ethics rules. The letter of caution, written Monday, came after a Bella Vista resident complained to the ethics panel.
Beebe, a Democrat, is running this year for governor against Asa Hutchinson, a Republican who previously was a federal prosecutor, congressman and Homeland Security undersecretary.
"Mike Beebe months ago accepted responsibility for a volunteer's after-hours use of a state computer to make minor changes in a political speech. He immediately put procedures in place to ensure it would not happen again," Beebe campaign spokesman Zac Wright said. "This decision is additional evidence of Mike Beebe's commitment to taking responsibility and doing the right thing."
Jim Parsons of Bella Vista filed the complaint against Beebe. Parsons describes himself as a "gadfly" who once urged state officials to create an inspector general position to root out inappropriate public expenditures.
The Ethics Commission said the case was closed.
"We note that the ... final action was taken as a result of your acknowledging a violation ... based upon your campaign worker using for campaign purposes an item of personal property (i.e., a computer) provided with public funds," commission Director Graham F. Sloan wrote.
Parsons amended his complaint on Tuesday to add an accusation that Beebe also had used his office as the site of political strategy meetings. Wright previously had said that allegation was unfounded.
Hutchinson's campaign declined comment.

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