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Friday, March 03, 2006 


From today’s Washington Times: “State Democratic officials said they intend to remind voters of Mr. Hutchinson's role in urging the Senate to remove Mr. Clinton from office for lying under oath.
‘I know I'm going to remind him of it everywhere I go,’ Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Jason Willett told the Associated Press. ‘This is a thing I think most people in Arkansas still resent.”  
Clinton lied under oath and should have been prosecuted.  Willett where is your since of morals?  According to your statement do you think that it is okay to lie under oath and not be prosecuted?  Unbelievable…  Why would the people of Arkansas resent this?  What we resent is individuals speaking for the “majority” of Arkansans.  We are proud of Asa Hutchinson’s role in the Clinton impeachment process.  

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