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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Halter's 'Arkansas Excellence Plan'

It looks as though Mr. Halter is becoming very involved in this gubernatorial race…He sure is sending out a lot of press releases… Check out the latest…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    CONTACT:     BUD JACKSON February 22, 2006                                                                           501-376-2727
Arkansas will be Top 20 in the Nation by Year 5 of Halter Plan
North Little Rock – Democratic candidate for Governor Bill Halter today announced that he will make Arkansas tops in the region at providing need-based scholarships and catapult the state into the top 20 among all states in the nation within five years.
Speaking before a group of Pulaski Tech students and faculty here, Halter also announced his plan to expand the “Career-Pathways” program to all 22 state community colleges.
Increasing Need-Based Scholarships
“We must provide more opportunity for those who can’t afford a higher education,” said Halter.  “The state’s Academic Challenge is a wonderful need-based scholarship program that deserves to be expanded so more people are eligible.”
Halter said his ‘Arkansas Excellence Plan’ will offer an additional $10 million per year by Year 5.  Year One will offer $2.5 million in additional scholarship money; Year Two, $2.5 million; Year Three, $5 million; Year 4, $5 million.  Arkansas will be tops in the southern region of the country for need-based scholarships the first year it offers $2.5 million.
“Education is the key to a better, more prosperous future for all Arkansans,” said Halter.  “A higher-education opens the door to higher-paying jobs and a better quality of life.   And a better educated workforce helps us attract new and better paying jobs while also strengthening our economy.”   
p. 2
Expand the Career Pathways from 11 to all 22 Arkansas community colleges
“The Career Pathways program is a successful idea that deserves to be expanded to all Arkansas community colleges,” said Halter, who also noted that the program was supported by Democrats and Republicans alike. 
Halter announced he would double the Career Pathways program to cover all Arkansas community colleges.  Currently funded at $8 million per year, Halter would fund the program at $16 million per year. Funding for Halter’s program expansion would be paid for by the federal block grant know as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
“We have thousands of Arkansans trying to provide for themselves and their families a brighter future,” said Arkansas.  “We can help empower people by removing some of the everyday obstacles they face, such as transportation and childcare.  Career Pathways is a wonderful program that helps do just that.”
Arkansas Career Pathways provides services including financial aid, child care and transportation stipends to more than 750 adultsIn addition to lowering the college price tag, Career Pathways offers counseling to help parents thrive in the college scene and tackle obstacles that have kept them away from it.

Another tax and spend liberal..

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