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Thursday, March 02, 2006 


I wonder if he was ‘drunk’ when, according to Mary Matalin, Gregory went on a ‘jihad’

FLASHBACK: Meet The Press – Sunday 2/26/06

MR. GREGORY: If you thought he did everything right, why is it that you ultimately—if the vice president said, “I did everything right,” by disclosing it the way he did, why did you do a big national interview this week?

MS. MATALIN: Because you went on a jihad, David. For four days you went on a Jihad.

MR. GREGORY: And that’s an unfortunate use of that word, by the way. This is not
what that was.

MS. MATALIN: Oh, OK. All right. How—were you saving up for that line?

The Truth

DRUDGE: GREGORY'S GIGGLES: NBCNEWS WHITE HOUSE REPORTER CALLS SHOW WHILE 'DRUNK'Thu Mar 02 2006 08:52:09 ETNBC White House correspondent David Gregory, who apologized last week for calling White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan a "jerk," called into MSNBC's IMUS Thursday morning -- apparently drunk![CLICK FOR AUDIO SNIP] Gregory is traveling with the president in India.IMUS: Let's go to the White House correspondent David Gregory. DAVID GREGORY: I'm OK. IMUS: You can calls us later if you want. GREGORY: [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]IMUS: Are you drunk? GREGORY: [Laughter] [Laughter]IMUS: Are you all right David? GREGORY: India is a wonderful language and i've been learning, where's my little sheet here. I've been learning some new phrases to come home. But any way, that being one of them and i just think it's nice. IMUS: It is. GREGORY: Thank you. IMUS: Having a lot of fun there. What's wrong with you? GREGORY: I just think it's funny. [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]CHARLES: He's drunk. IMUS: He is drunk! CHARLES: Oh god. IMUS: Why don't you compose yourself and get back to us. You want to? GREGORY: [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]IMUS: What are you in some harrem? IMUS: What? David? GREGORY: No, i'm fine. IMUS: We need a camera. Oh my lord. IMUS: Somebody's got -- GREGORY: i was -- remember that movie "Arthur" with Dudley Moore where he just thinks funny things and that's what was going on. If i could find this sheet, actually i just found it. Anyway. IMUS: You have any news? [Laughter] IMUS: we got to go, we'll get back to you. GREGORY: I'm sorry. IMUS: That's all right. IMUS: Well, call us back will you? GREGORY: Anyway. There are serious things going on here which i know you're very interested in. IMUS: We don't have any time for them now. Quickly. GREGORY: Big deal between India and the United States. The upshot is we're going to provide nuclear know-how and fuel to india which they need for their economy to grow. But since they never signed the nonproliferation treaty it's a real turn around and critics worry that it sends the wrong message to other parts of the world. IMUS: Ok. GREGORY: I would add, i would add that this is how you say thank you. IMUS: What is it again? [Speaking foreign language] IMUS: Well that's great. But we have to go. It's always nice to hear from you. GREGORY: I'll call you after dinner. IMUS: NBC Chief White House Correspondant from New Delhi, India. Clearly drunk.

I'm all for the truth in politics, but you need to make sure everything is the WHOLE truth - for instance you state Cleta F. Cooper, age 69, who ran for state representative from Pike county, as being a "he". Well, sir HE is a she!

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