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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

From Our Inbox

This is some interesting information about the guy that claimed he had nothing to do with Nick Wilson…
I wonder how involved he was….
The Truth
In today's edition of the Arkansas News Bureau, Mike Beebe attempts to defend his relationship with a former colleague, Nick Wilson. He states, “Mr. Huckabee knows there was no greater opponent of Nick Wilson than me when I fought corruption in the Legislature” (Huckabee campaigns for Hutchinson, Arkansas News Bureau, Mar 15, 2006).
The Arkansas GOP feels that Mr. Beebe's statement does not and did not reflect the true sentiment of his relationship with Mr. Nick Wilson. I wonder if Mr. Beebe still feels that it is “un-American” to discipline Senate members for ethics violations? Mr. Beebe?
Mike Beebe Didn't Take The Action That Was Required Of Him Against Nick Wilson. "[W]hen Sens. Jay Bradford, Bill Gwatney And Mike Beebe Take No Action And Let A Convicted Criminal Tell Them When He Will Leave Office, They Are A Sad Excuse For Senators With Any Honor Or Integrity. People Should Remember Next Election Who Are The Do-Nothing, Good Ole Boys Who Let Nick Wilson Dictate Policy To Them." (Letter - Editorial, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 12/4/1999)
"[H]ow Mundane Would Be The Question Of What To Do With A Legislative Embarrassment Like Nick Wilson Without All The Oh-So-Grand Reasons For Doing As Little As Possible. Consider That Asinine Football Metaphor About Not Running Up The Score Which Searcy's Mike Beebe Used As A Reason For Not Obeying The Law Right Now And Tossing Senator Wilson Out On His Seniority." ("Terms Unlimited Or: Switching Seats In The Ledge," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 12/5/1999)
Mike Beebe's Inaction Reflected Badly On The Arkansas State Senate. "Mike Beebe, The State Senator From Searcy, Was Closer To The Mark When He Said That Nick Wilson's Enduring Legacy Will Be The Stain He's Left On The State Senate. ‘It Does Reflect Badly On The Institution,’ Said Senator Beebe, ‘And You Can't Stop Folks From Perceiving It That Way.’ Yet There Are Things That Senators Like Mike Beebe Could Have Done To Wipe Away This All Too Accurate Perception Of Their Institution. They Could Have Censured Nick Wilson As Soon As His Conflicts Of Interest Came To Light--Months Ago, Years Ago. They Could Have Tried To Throw Him Out Of The Senate As Soon As He Was Convicted Of Tax Fraud. But They Didn't. Nick Wilson Is Not The Only Senator Whose Actions Have Reflected Badly On The Institution. So Did The Inaction Of Senators Like Mike Beebe And Jay Bradford." ("The Spirit Of Nick Wilson It's Alive And Well At The Ledge," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 1/2/2000)
Beebe Wanted Wilson To Leave On His Own Time. "Wilson Shouldn't Need Until The End Of December To Clean Out His Desk; That Apparently He Has A Lot Of State Property To Attend To. It Says A Resignation Effective At The End Of The Year Is An Affront To Indignant Senators And A Means By Which The Ever Resourceful Senator Is Increasing His Retirement Income, Albeit By An Uncertain And Small Amount. A Few Democratic Senators Take Umbrage At Huckabee's Statement--Not Its Tone As Much As Its Implication That Wilson Will Be Enriched By The Decision Of Democratic Senators Not To Kick Him Out As Previously Planned On Dec. 6, But To Let Him Resign Of His Own Free Will On Dec. 31. ?It's $ 1.75, At The Outside, And Probably Not That Much,' Says Sen. Mike Beebe Of Searcy In Reference To Wilson's Pension Enrichment. A Dollar And 75 Cents A Day? ?A Month.' Beebe Says. ?A Month.' " ("As The Senate Turns," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 11/20/1999)
"As Usual, The Senate's ‘Leadership’ Is Letting Brother Wilson Take The Lead. 'Nick Wilson's Decision To Resign Is The Right Course Of Action For Everyone Concerned,' Says Pine Bluff's Jay Bradford, The Senate's President Very Pro Tempore. He Says The Sooner Nick Goes, The Better, But Jay Bradford Is In No Hurry. In Short, This President Of The Senate For-The-Time-Being Proposes To Do Nothing For The Time Being. ‘The Difference Of Two Or Three Weeks Doesn't Upset Me,' Says Mike Beebe, Chairman Of The Senate's Efficiency Committee.” ("And The Horse He Rode In On Nick Wilson Rides Again," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 11/19/1999)
Beebe Caught On Periphery Of Legislative Scandal. "The Arkansas Democrat- Gazette (9/28, Brummett) [Reported] That During A Recent Golfing Outing, ‘Perhaps’ President Clinton ‘Advised’ Democratic State Sen. Mike Beebe On ‘How To Overcome Overwhelming Political Odds And Withstand The Innuendo Of Scandal Based On Peripheral Associations.’ The ‘Latest Legislative Outrage’ Has ‘Worrisome Implications For Arkansas Democrats Who Were Beginning To Sidle Up To Beebe As Their Challenger’ To Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee. Beebe Has ‘Formed A Gubernatorial Exploratory Committee, Raised A Lot Of Money Swiftly In $100 Increments And Won A Thoroughly Favorable Front-Page Biographical Article In The Statewide Press,’ But ‘Now Comes Lawyergate, Advancing The Personable Litigator To An Upper- Level Course In The Perils Of Electoral Politics.’ In The Scandal, Democratic Legislators ‘Cozy With’ Nick Wilson, The ‘Official State Rascal,’ Were ‘Caught Pushing Through A Measure They Then Abused To Route Absurdly Lucrative Contracts For Representing Children In Chancery Court Custody Cases To A Pair Of Legislators, A Lobbyist Who Formerly Was (Ex-Gov. Jim Guy) Tucker's Top Aide And A Former Legislative Staff Lawyer.’ Beebe Is ‘Probably Specifically Innocent,’ But That Is ‘Nearly Beside The Point.’ The Democrat- Gazette Added, ‘It May Not Be Fair That Now He'll Have To Run With Nick Wilson And Jim Guy Tucker Around His Neck. ... (But) Beebe Is Embedded In The Periphery Of Disdainful Behavior, And The Perception Is Ripe For Exploitation." (Bulletin's Frontrunner, 9/29/1997)
Will Beebe Uphold The Constitution If Elected Governor? We Think Not... "[T]he Longer It Takes Nick Wilson To Clean Out His Desk At The State Capitol, The More We Learn About His Colleagues. For Example, Mike Beebe, Chairman Of The Senate's Efficiency Committee And A Real Sport. He Sees No Need To Expel Brother Wilson Now That His Convicted Colleague Says He's Resigning At The End Of The Year. ‘To Use A Trite Sports Analogy,’ Says Senator Beebe, ‘The Score Is 40 To Nothing With A Minute Left In The Game. Some Coaches Will Want To Score Again, And Some Will Take A Knee. Each Course Says Something About The Coach.’ It's Just A Game, You See? Nick Wilson Lost, So Why Not Let Him End It When And How He Wants To End It? Curious State, Arkansas. Like Others With A Long, One-Party History In These Latitudes, It's A State Where A Game, At Least If It's Football Or Basketball, Can Attract The Keenest Scrutiny And Deepest Respect, As If It Were A Public Trust, While Government Is Treated Like A Game. Senator Beebe's Sports Metaphor May Be Trite, But It's Also Revealing. Perhaps More Revealing Than He Intended. There Is Talk From Time To Time Of Mike Beebe's Running For Governor Someday. Do You Think He'd Enforce The Rest Of The State Constitution The Same, Loose Way He Would The Part About No Convicted Felon's Serving In The Legislature? What Other Part Of His Sworn Duty Would He Treat Like A Game?" ("Two Quotes Tell The Story The Shame Of The Senate," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 11/23/1999)
Periphery, Perception Plague Beebe. "Beebe Is Embedded In The Periphery Of Disdainful Behavior, And The Perception Is Ripe For Exploitation. Beebe's Problems Are As Simple As [. . . ]:
  1. Some Democratic Legislative Insiders Cozy With Wilson, The Official State Rascal, Got Caught Pushing Through A Measure They Then Abused To Route Absurdly Lucrative Contracts For Representing Children In Chancery Court Custody Cases To A Pair Of Legislators, A Lobbyist Who Formerly Was Tucker's Top Aide And A Former Legislative Staff Lawyer. Beebe's Best Pal, Sen. Morril Harriman Of Van Buren, Sponsored One Of The Bills That Got Abused. Another Of His Pals, Sen. Steve Bell Of Batesville, Who Formerly Handled Tucker's Legislation, Prepared The Incorporation Papers For Two Of The Abusing Insiders.

  2. Beebe Is Often Described As An Insider's Insider At The Legislature -- As, In Fact, The Most Accomplished And Effective Member Therein. His Command Of Legislative Detail Has Been Extolled In This Space And Elsewhere, Nearly Universally. His Choices Are To Plead Innocent In The Aforementioned Shenanigans And Appear Less The Wise, Savvy, All-Knowing Legislator, But One Oblivious To This Scheme And Perhaps Others, Or To Assert His Legislative Competence And Vitality, In Which Case He Would Need To Explain His Acquiescence To Such A Disgrace." ("Periphery, Perception Plague Beebe," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/28/1997)
Beebe Says It Is Un-American To Discipline Senate Members For Ethics Violations.‘Mike Beebe, The State Senator From Searcy Who Has Just Decided Not Run To Run For Governor, Was Asked If The Legislature Had A Responsibility To Discipline Its Own Members For Ethical Violations. Oh, No, Not Now, He Said, That Would Be ‘Un-American.'” ("What's Un-American About Ethics," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 12/9/1997)
Senators Invite Cynicism When They Refuse To Discipline Their Own. "Searcy's Mike Beebe, A Respected Leader Of The State Senate, Has Complained In Recent Weeks That The Biggest Problem Facing Society Today Is The People's ‘Cynicism And Apathy And Negativism.’ But The Senator From Searcy Encourages Cynicism Even As He Deplores It. For Every Time Legislators Refuse To Discipline Their Own, They Invite Cynicism. You Know What Would Bolster Popular Trust In Government? If Leaders Like Senator Beebe Would Say, Unmistakably, That Senator Mike Todd, D-Paragould, Has Violated The Public's Trust And Should Resign.’ ("The Untouchables; The Ledge Protects Its Own," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 12/28/1997)

Speaking of Integrity, shouldn't we be reminded of a post on Arkansas Times blog a few months ago about Chuck Banks, the candidate the Republican leaders are pushing for the Lt. Governor race.
"In 1994, the Little Rock FBI recommended Banks be charged with obstruction of justice when they opened their own investigation of Harmon and the murders of Kevin and Don [two boys killed on the tracks]. They wanted Banks charged for shutting down his grand jury and for protecting Harmon. However, federal prosecutors were careful to include charges in Harmon's indictment that date back to just after Banks cleared Harmon, even though enough evidence existed to indict Harmon on many other counts dating back to 1987, within the ten years time limitations. Maybe they are protecting Banks to protect the image of their office, but they are doing so at the expense of their integrity.
Banks was the U.S. Attorney when the 1990 federal grand jury heard evidence against Harmon. According to three of those jurors, they were ready to unanimously indict Harmon back then. However, on June 27, 1991, Banks held a press conference and cleared Harmon on all allegations of wrong-doing. Banks, a republican appointee, was then nominated for a federal judgeship position by George Bush. The explanation made simple is, Banks thwarted the federal investigation before it connected Kevin and Don's murders to the Mena/CIA drug smuggling operation.
That's the kind of integrity Chuck Banks brings to the GOP ticket.
Posted : thefacts 10/1/2005 "
For information abut this, go to these websites: http://www.idfiles.com/harmon2.htm and http://www.idfiles.com There is a video called Obstruction Of Justice and can be ordered by calling this number: 800-828-2290. There is also a book written The Boys on the Tracks by Mara Leveritt in which Banks is mentioned numerous times. Can order from www.amazon.com

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