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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Flashback (again)

Beebe's Office Talked About Changing Constitution...

Mike Beebe's office has assured us that our private property rights are okay and that no court could change the law or constitution to allow private property to be taken for private use Therefore, he doesn't believe we need any additional legislation to protect our property rights.

Well, we just don't know that we believe that one, and neither does his office apparently...

The Constitution in Arkansas requires a "general, suitable and efficient" education system in the state. Well Mike Beebe's top assistant, Tim Gauger suggested in private emails that a Supreme Court decision in favor of school districts now challenging the adequacy of education funding this year would trigger initiatives to strip the guarantee of a "general, suitable and efficient" education from the state constitution.

Beebe said Gauger's remarks, though blunt, generally echoed what his office discussed in court pleadings. The comments were consistent with his office's argument that the Supreme Court usurped the Legislature's authority by reopening the case, he added

So Mike Beebe's office discussed the possibility of changing the Arkansas Constitution based on a single court case. Okay, and why are we to believe that this could not happen with any activist judge's decision on the TIF law?

Again, we just don't know what to believe with Mike Beebe...

This is a great blog, keep up the good work. Beebe is such a scumbag.

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