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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Education and Immigration...

The Truth has noticed that Mike Beebe will not answer the questions the voters want to know. How can someone run for Governor and NOT answer the questions at hand? Notice this Q & A from the Benton County Daily Record:


"We won’t know for a while whether or not additional school reforms are needed in Arkansas...The first school year with these reforms in place has ended, but reports regarding that first-year spending isn’t due for another two months. Reform takes time."

Okay, so "No-Mettle-Mike" doesn't want to commit to education reform...What about immigration?

"I have already issued two attorney general’s opinions on the subject of children of undocumented immigrants and may have requests for more, so I will decline from weighing in on that topic for now."

Well at least we know one thing about Mr. Beebe, he is going to run in the spirit of Bill Clinton and Mark Pryor - If the voters don't know where you stand on the issues, they won't vote against you! Well, we here at the Truth Blog will expose the REAL Mike Beebe...

How will you 'expose' him if he doesn't reveal any positions on the issues? You said yourself that if you don't reveal your positions, then people won't vote against you.

It's a little something called his RECORD! And pretty soon, if they're not already, people that actually think through these things will see what he's trying to do and WILL vote against him.

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