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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Marion Berry's Consultant Connected To Extortion And Tax Evasion...

Last summer we brought you the story of Marion Berry paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to "Tyronza Delta Consultants, Inc." for access to voters in black areas of the delta.

Since then, The Truth has learned that Tommy Davis, Sr., one of the principal office holders had previously been involved with Rep. Ben McGee, D-Marion, the man who pleaded guilty to extortion and tax evasion for his work with "Delta Consultants," a company run by Tommy Davis and Ben McGee.

In a January, 16, 1998 article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, it was reported that "the indictment handed up by a federal grand jury in Little Rock charges McGee with two counts of extortion as well as wire fraud, tax evasion and lying to the Internal Revenue Service. According to the indictment, he owes $ 511, 177.30 in delinquent taxes."

The same article goes on to state that "McGee sent an invoice to the Arkansas First Committee in the name of Delta Consultants asking for $ 45,000 in payment, reportedly for consultant services performed by Dr. Rutha Carr in the effort to legalize casino gambling in Arkansas, the indictment says. That invoice was then faxed to Baldwin with instructions to pay only $ 20,000.

On Jan. 24, 1995, Southland issued a $ 10,000 check to Delta Consultants that was deposited in McGee's personal bank account, the indictment says.

About three months after passage of the racetrack legislation, which took effect Feb. 16, 1995, Southland cut a second $ 10,000 check to Delta Consultants that McGee deposited in his personal account, the indictment added."

A simple search on the Arkansas Secretary of State webpage shows that Tommy Davis and Ben McGee were the respective President and Vice President of "Delta Consultants."

"Delta Consultants" had their charter revoked in 1998.

This leads us to ask, why would Marion Berry pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants with clear ethical and legal problems? Marion Berry, clearly would pay or do anything to win...

We believe that Arkansans will not stand for this any longer. It is time for new, ethical leadership in the first district.

Ethics and Berry in the same page is an oxymoron. I wish someone would find out more of the Berry Lawsuit with his former farm tenants in Gillett. Did he get Delta Consultants advise when he stopped payment on a Christmas bonus check to them and a lot of other dastardly deeds? This is the first time ever I will sign anonymous. We all know Berrys temperament down in the Delta.

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