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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

From the Benton Courier...

This is a response from the Benton Courier email address regarding an email we sent to the various media sources yesterday regarding our previous post (Mike Beebe: My Circle Of Friends). We thought it was rather interesting...

This is about the speed of the Benton Courier. They are mostly amaturish hacks. They wouldn't know journalism if it bit them on the butt.
Here's you an idea, if you want to get them back. Get the latest copy of the Courier and then list all the names of the business that advertised with them. Then encourage your readers to boycott those business. I'd also send an email to the conservative churches in the area and ask them to encourage their congragations to boycott those businesses as well.
Let's see if that reminds them of high school.

I'm going to cancel my subscription to the Benton Courier. Oh wait, I already did years ago.

Nobody cares !

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