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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

Flip Flop Beebe

Mike Beebe is not only accepting contributions from unethical sources, meeting with campaign consultants in his state office and raising taxes, but he is also flip-flopping on the issue of gay foster parents. Mike Beebe...What is your position? I think the average Arkansan is having a bit of a problem understanding all the different positions you take and how often they change. A week ago Warwick Sabin (Arkansas Times) published an article that stated Mike Beebe held a meeting with the Stonewall Democrats and stated that if elected governor he would do his best to stop a measure that would ban gays from becoming foster parents. Right after that the Arkansas Supreme Court made a decision allowing gays to become foster parents. When Mike Beebe was asked about this he stated he had "no opinion" on the ruling at the time; a short time later Beebe said that he thought it to be in the best interest of Arkansas children to not be placed in gay foster homes. Now, remember before this ruling was released, Mr. Beebe had already told the Stonewall Dems. that he basically supported their endeavors and as a result the Stonewall Dems. endorsed Mr. Beebe. The Andrew Demillo (AP) published an article today that stated that the Stonewall Democrats had withdrawn their endorsement of Mr. Beebe because it seems that they don't like flip-floppers as well. Mike Beebe states what he thinks Arkansans want to hear and will say anything to get elected. Mike we wait patiently for your next flip-flop and look forward to bringing THE TRUTH to the Arkansas people....

I still plan to vote for Beebe. I just differ with Hutchinson on so many more issues.

Typical liberal. It doesn't matter that the Democratic candidate for governor has ethics problems up to his ears and supports everything that is unholy and immoral. But just because they have a D after their name you're still going to support them no matter what. That's showing some real character you liberal Democrat.

I definitely do not plan to vote for Beebe. I am pretty sure I disagree with Beebe a lot more than Hutchinson. Of course, it's hard to tell sometimes with the way Beebe keeps taking different positions on different issues, depending on which is the most opportune at the moment. So it's kind of hard to know exactly where he stands at all.

Anon 7:42,
I am an unapologetic liberal. I am proud of the liberal views that I have and I do find them to be one bit immoral or unholy. In fact, I am an avid church-goer, volunteer and community activist. I wish Beebe would openly embrace the gay community (although I am not gay), rather than putting them down in public. I support equal rights and opportunities for everyone, which includes gay adoption, gay marriage, scholarships for illegal immigrants, universal healthcare, school consolidation, public education and pre-kingergarten programs. I agree with Beebe more than Hutchinson on those issues, so that's whom I plan to support in November. . . And I find these views to be holy, moral, ethical, and principled. Sorry if you disagree.

Okay, you say you go to church. So how do you reconcile what the church teaches with the gay lifestyle...which the Bible clearly says is wrong. Read the first chapter of Romans, about the last 10 or so verses to get a better understanding of this.

Anon 9:07,
I do go to church and my church is very accepting of the gay lifestyle. How do i reconcile it with the bible? well, the bible says to love all people and treat them as I would want to be treated, so that's what i do. as for direct references to homosexuality, i don't consider that to be the end of the discussion. there are plenty of things in the bible that we don't observe.

There's a difference in accepting someone and accepting their sin. Seems to me that you can't separate the two. You must attend a more liberal church, like Methodist or Episcopal. So because there are plenty of things in the Bible that we don't observe, that gives us carte blanche to accept all sin? Very weak argument.

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