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Friday, July 21, 2006 

From the inbox...

>July 20, 2006
>Andy Mayberry supports Federal Marriage Amendment and Pledge Protection
>Andy Mayberry, the Republican nominee for the Arkansas District 2 seat
>in the U.S. House of Representatives, said today that unlike his
>opponent in the November general election, Rep. Vic Snyder, Mayberry
>would support federal legislation to protect traditional marriage
>between a man and a woman and the Pledge of Allegiance, including the words "under God."
>"This has not been a good week in the Second Congressional District for
>traditional American values or for the beliefs held by the majority of
>people who live here," Mayberry said. "The person who is supposed to be
>representing our views in Washington, D.C., just voted against
>traditional marriage and in favor of allowing federal courts to violate
>the rights of school children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Unfortunately, Rep.
>Snyder is obviously not representing the average Arkansan."
>Mayberry cited Snyder's votes this week in the U.S. House against the
>Federal Marriage Amendment and against the Pledge Protection Act.
>Mayberry emphasized that, as is often the case, Snyder was the only
>member of the Arkansas U.S. House delegation to vote against both
>measures. Arkansas Democratic Reps. Marion Berry and Mike Ross joined
>Republican Rep. John Boozman in voting for both pieces of legislation.
>On Wednesday, July 19, the Pledge Protection Act (HR 2389) passed
>260-167. On Tuesday, July 18, HJ Res. 88 (the Federal Marriage
>Amendment) received 236 "yes" votes to 187 "no" votes, but failed to
>received the two-thirds supermajority needed to pass.
>"His votes may reflect the views of the far liberal East Coast and West
>Coast, but they certainly don't represent Arkansas or the heartland of
>America," Mayberry said. Mayberry referred to maps that show the
>geographic breakdown of votes on these issues.
>Federal Marriage Amendment Vote Breakdown
> Pledge Protection Act Vote Breakdown
>Andy Mayberry is the former marketing and communications director for
>the Arkansas Department of Economic Development. He and his wife, Julie
>Mayberry, own Spirit Publications, Inc., which publishes The Spirit
>Magazine, a Christian periodical. Julie Mayberry is former co-host of
>Channel 7's Daybreak early morning news program.

I support Vic Snyder. I live in his district and he represents my views well. Thanks, Vic!

Oh....you support a baby-killing liberal? Typical.

Glad to hear you didn't forget your tired talking points. Vic is a good man and he's voting exactly how his district wants him to. I hope he never retires. We need more good, Christian legislators like Vic Snyder who look out for the less fortunate in society with reason and compassion.

Vic Snyder is hardly a Christian. A Christian wouldn't support the right to murder babies. A Christian wouldn't support gay marriage, when the Bible clearly speaks against homosexuality. A Christian wouldn't support giving people handouts when the Bible clearly says "A man who does not work, neither should he eat." Your "poor and downtrodden" rhetoric is the only tired talking point here. And Andy Mayberry is the ONLY Christian in this race.

Liberalism IS Vic Snyder's religion!

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