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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

Berry Agrees to Debate Mayor Stumbaugh

Cabot Around 3:30pm yesterday afternoon, AETN contacted the Stumbaugh for Congress Campaign to confirm the details for a live debate to be broadcasted from their Conway studios on October 25th at 7pm. Both Mayor Stumbaugh and Rep. Berry Campaign’s had agreed on the date and time.
“I am excited to have the opportunity to discuss the issues with my opponent,” said Mayor Stumbaugh. “However, I am not sure one debate is enough for the voters of the first district. I challenge my opponent to debate me three more times at different locations around the district. I also want to see at least one of these debates in a town hall setting, and would like all of them to be in front of live audiences.”
If the challenge is accepted, the two campaigns will work out the details so that the debates can fit both candidates’ schedules.
“I have laid out my challenge. I realize that in the past, my opponent has refused to debate, or has sent others in his place,” continued Stumbaugh. “I hope he knows that running from me further convinces people that even he can not defend his record.”

Go Stubby!! Make him defend his record....such as it is.

Why would Berry agree to this? He's already winning and has nothing to gain. I doubt he agrees to more debates unless Stubby catches up in the polls and the trend doesn't suggest that will happen.

Berry is stomping the crap out of Dippy Dipwad, so why he would waste his time is beyond me. Maybe so people can see Stumbaugh in his sheet.

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