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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

This is getting "ridonculous"

You would think that a Deputy Communications Director for John Kerry would proofread...

From Greg Hale - Arkansas Victory 2006: In a triumphant press release on July 10, the Arkansas’ Republican Party announced that Washington political double agent Zell Miller would headline an unspecified event on Friday, August 25th. “I’ve got many good friends in Arkansas, including…Asa Hutchinson, and I look forward to spending time with individuals that share my conservative views and values,” Miller said in the release. (Arkansas Times, July 10, 2006) Well, Hutchinson’s day with Zell has arrived and past, but where was Zell? Hutchinson’s spokesman David Kinkade certainly appeared excited about Miller’s visit when Dick Cheney came to town in late July. “Republicans raise money with our friends, like Rudy Giuliani, Zell Miller and Dick Cheney,” Kinkade said. (Democrat-Gazette, July 25, 2006) Maybe Zell pulled out of the event after realizing Hutchinson’s Washington-style politics didn’t go over so well in Arkansas. Or maybe Hutchinson noticed Miller’s support of Ralph Reed in Georgia didn’t help Reed avoid his defeat there. For now it will have to remain a mystery.

"Arrived and past" or did you by chance mean passed...

It actually says that on the site. Way to make hay over nothing.

Liberals are so pathetic. Let's go over the list:

Abortion: Good
Rural way of life: Bad

Taxes: Good
American flag: Bad

Flip-flopping: Good
Grammar: Bad

" It actually says that on the site. Way to make hay over nothing."

It does now after someone had to point out the error and they updated the site.

Pretty stupid, petty, and childish to say that Asa's "Washington-style politics didn't go over well with the people of Arkansas." Hmmm....maybe that's why Asa is quickly closing the poll gap between him and Both Ways Beebe. The liberal that wrote that probably believes that bogus Oakleaf poll.

Y'all are ridiculous. I've seen press releases from candidates from both parties this year that have grammatical errors, so don't make this out to be anything more than it is.

Well dang. You got conservatives launching elective unprovoked wars of aggression to secure petroleum resources of foreign nations--no one seems to bat an eye over that. Illegal wiretaps, violating the US mail, and domestic spying. Torture. Foreign gulags. Signing statements exempting the administration from the law. Dismissing US attorneys engaged in public corruption cases for indefinite political appointments.

And you all come up with this here typo on the part of lib'rals. That what passes for parity in these parts?

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