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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 


Great letter:

Remember this is the organization (NRA) that the Beebe campaign called a "Washington-based political group..."

Support the real defender

At Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock I was privileged to announce the National Rifle Association's endorsement of Asa Hutchinson for governor.

Prior to reading NRA ILA Director Chris Cox's letter of support, I stated, " I am an NRA volunteer, a NRA Benefactor member and the National NRA Volunteer of the Year 2000. I received my award from NRA President Charlton Heston. I am not a paid spokesperson for the NRA. I will support Asa Hutchinson for our next Arkansas governor.

" I was appalled to learn of Mike Beebe's opposition to Second Amendment rights. Having been a victim of rape at gunpoint at age 27, I know my equalizer is my gun. I am prochoice on guns and I fiercely defend my choice to carry. Women must be allowed right of choice for selfdefense. I cannot tolerate any elected official disarming Arkansans' options to concealed carry. "

Currently, Asa's opponent is running television ads promoting him as a Second Amendment and sportsman champion. If this is so, why, in 1993, was Asa's opponent absent on S. B. 206 to allow licensed concealed carry ? Why In 1999, was he absent for S. B. 137 — a bill for special Ducks Unlimited license plates ? He was absent for H. B. 1301 — to allow sheriff deputies to purchase the county issued firearms upon retirement. Why ? Why did Asa's opponent lead to a 2001 concealed handgun bill faltering in committee ? (See Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Feb. 8, 2001. ) Support the real defender of your Second Amendment rights. Vote Asa !

Anne Britton

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