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Monday, August 28, 2006 

A Great Question

Pat Lynch poses this great question:

"Can’t you just see Beebe explaining in minute detail how he was in favor of taking the sales tax off groceries all along?"

Mike Beebe is beginning to sound like John Kerry...I voted for the sales tax before I voted against it but now I am for it...wait, maybe I am against it...which one will get me elected...(looks at a recent poll) ah...I am against it...glad that is over.

We agree, Pat, we would love to see Mike Beebe explain why he voted for the grocery tax before he said he was against it. I think we are beginning to go in circles. Believe me, if Mike Beebe thought that supporting the grocery tax would get him elected he would be touting all of his votes to raise taxes. Why doesn't Mike Beebe tell us how many times, during his twenty years as an Arkansas senator, that he voted to repeal the grocery tax or sponsored legislation to do so? In fact when Bud Canada sponsored legislation to repeal the tax Mike Beebe praised him for the move but when offered to be a co-sponsor Mike said "no thanks" I want Bud to get all the credit.

Well why doesn't he feel the same way about AR Kids First? He tells everyone that he sponsored the legislation...why didn't he let someone else do it so they could "get all the credit".

Does Mike Beebe really Believe in Arkansas?

To answer your question in just one word: NO!

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