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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 

New TV Ad On Beebe

This ad was released from the Coalition for Arkansas Future this afternoon on their blog and TV... www.coalitionforarkansasfuture.blogspot.com


**For Immediate Release**

August 23, 2006

CFAF Contradicts Beebe’s Tax Claims

Issue Advocacy Group Refutes Beebe’s Tax Claims By Highlighting Voting Record

Little Rock (August 23, 2006) – A Little Rock based issue advocacy organization rolled out an ad campaign today highlighting Mike Beebe’s inconsistent claims that he supports removing the sales tax on groceries and his support of “the little guy.”

The Coalition for Arkansas’ Future (CFAF) uses a light-hearted television ad to emphasize Beebe’s inconsistencies on tax issues. See the advertisement at (http://coalitionforarkansasfuture.blogspot.com/)

“The facts show that Mike Beebe says one thing and does another,” said Kathryn Cherry, Executive Director of CFAF.

“During his 20 years in the Arkansas legislature, Mike Beebe developed a solid history of voting for tax increases,” Cherry continued. “He is now trying to run from his record. Our goal is simple -- to set the record straight.”

The advertisement highlights Beebe’s vote in 1991 to increase the sales tax on used cars.

In addition, the advertisement highlights Beebe’s vote in 1985 to increase taxes on gasoline.

In his ad, Beebe said he “believe[s] it's time we eliminate the grocery tax on all food, to put real dollars in the hands of working people.”

However, in 2002, he campaigned to keep these very taxes on groceries.

Cherry said, “Mike Beebe served in the legislature for 20 years and, many say, was the most powerful member in the Arkansas Senate. Why didn’t he get this accomplished? Where were his leadership skills during that period? ”

Also in his ad, Mike Beebe said, “As governor, I’ll stand up for the little guy and always put the people of Arkansas first.”

“Which 'little guy' is he standing up for?” said Cherry. “If he wanted to support the ‘little guy’ he would not have supported efforts to tax items such as transportation and gas that average Arkansans rely on to support their families.”

Beebe also opposes legislation to require a three-fourths vote in both legislative bodies to raise the state sales tax.


That's a brilliant 527 ad. Why let the facts get in the way of some good ol' fashioned fear mongering. I guess this opens up the door for someone to exploit Asa's record on immigration failures (ouch!), homeland security fumbles (aaaiiee!), lobbying (that's gonna leave a mark) and the Clinton impeachment (the unkindest cut of all)! See you one-trick ponies in November.

Yeah, we'll see you at the polls, too.....when you're bungling, idiotic candidate loses.

Beebe's response to the ad was to say that it was misleading. I guess he thinks anything is misleading when it tells the truth about him. Of course, he wouldn't know the truth if it was staring him in the face, which is it in the form of his own record in the Senate for 20 years, which is why he's trying to run from it.

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