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Monday, July 30, 2007 

Who Will Be The Nominee?

John McCain, the early frontrunner has imploded. Fred Thompson, thought by many to be the Republican savior, had a very disappointing June fundraising total it will be announced tomorrow. Mitt Romney has the money, is leading in Iowa and New Hampshire, but faces many questions from the Republican base about his faith as a mormon. Rudy Giuliani, isn't making waves as he fights his liberal positions on key issues. Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee isn't raising enough money yet to compete on Super Tuesday.

So, we ask who will be our nominee? The Truth sees this election as possibly the most critcally important election of our lives. If Hillary or Obama were to become President, we would have the single most liberal President in the history of America.

A recent AP poll showed that more Republicans are supporting "None of the Above" than supporing the frontrunners. Will a strong showing in Iowa vault a relatively unknown candidate to the top tier or will we be split on our nominee?

Questions remain, but one thing is for certain: we MUST defeat Hillary in 2008!

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Excellent - in a few words Truth prevails as you clearly define the consequence of failing to select the GOP candidate who can win.

Some will have a knee-jerk reaction to what I'm about to say.....
We need to take a serious look at Newt Gingrich.
Please do your homework & check out what he has been doing & advocating.
In terms of ideas, no one even comes close. The man is brilliant & he is one of the last (if not the best) statesmen left.
In terms of strategy here's what I see shaping up.
I think Newt is painting them all into a corner with his American Solutions Workshop.
From the public's perspective, what Politian gives all of his opponents(GOP & Dems) his platform and says "please use this, if you will, I won't run"?
From all the other candidates perspective, who can afford to run a campaign on "hey, what Newt said!"? It makes them look like they're not their own man. It's a catch 22.

He is also setting the stage with his Lincoln-Douglas debates. He is getting some powerful Democrats & media figures on board supporting his debate proposals.
And if he is the nominee, he will CREAM any of the Democrats in that format.
My first reaction was "No democrat will ever agree to that", but they refuse at the risk of being perceived as a coward. He will be able to remind people that he was advocating them long before he "considered" running for President. Another Catch 22
Here is a quote Newt is sure to use again; "Any candidate that is unwilling to agree to a series of debates where they sit down for an hour and discuss, with no rules, no moderator, no mickey mouse, just two adults describing their vision for the country, cannot be taken seriously as someone who is ready to serve as President."

When I see what he is doing(with the Solutions Workshops & the Debates) I think it is a strategy, & I think he may outfox both the other GOP hopefuls in the primary & the Dem nominee in the general election. That is assuming that he wants to be President. I think if he wants it he could make it, that's why I don't want to count him out just yet.

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