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Wednesday, July 11, 2007 

A Democrat Controlled "Do-Nothing" Congress

During the lead up to the 2006 elections we warned our readers that the Democrats were full of hate and rhetoric, but weak on alternatives. They ran a campaign of hate-speech and yet offered no substance. We have always maintained that if the Democrats are so against Republican policies, offer an alternative.

The truth is that Democrats just wanted one thing: POWER.

And now that they have it, what do they do? Hold hearings, and more hearings, and more investigations. And what are they having these hearings about? Republicans.

They have become so bitter that instead of passing meaningful legislation, they choose to focus on Republicans. They are obssessed. They count their wins by how many Republicans they can get to resign rather than how many Americans they can help with meaningful legislation.

In this news article Nancy Pelosi even admitted that many are upset with the Democrats and yet they can "only do so much..." (And what is that? Attacking Republicans is all you can do?)

"House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said some Democrats understand 'we can only do so much.'"

"'Others are just very unhappy. I include myself among them,' Pelosi, of California, told The New York Times."

The fact is that we knew all along that a Democrat controlled Congress would not have the ability to focus on the issues of the country. We knew that they were too bitter and focused on the politics of personal destruction rather than doing the job they were elected to do.

And now that we are starting to see some progress in Iraq, what will happen to the Democrats?

What will they do when they have to actually do some work?
When will Senators Pryor and Lincoln take advice from their hero Hillary Clinton and end the politics of personal destruction? Lets focus on the American people!

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