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Friday, June 23, 2006 


We here at the Truth Blog have decided to periodically update our readers on the hypocrisy of Mike Beebe. With "Flip-Flop John Kerry's" Presidential Campaign advisor Greg Hale now advising Mike Beebe, we believe we will see many more Kerry-like flip-flops from Mr. Beebe.

On July 20, 2005 the Morning News reported that: " a report on allegations of misconduct against retiring Police Chief Sid Rieff does not have to be released to the public, the state attorney general's office said Tuesday."


"The investigation came after an anonymous e-mail alleged Rieff had not supported departmental supervisors, officers in the military, members of minorities and injured policemen. It alleged that Rieff initiated shouting matches, used racial slurs and was a member of a racist organization."

"The investigation was made after the council approved spending up to $10,000 for the investigation. The firm's bill came in at $15,720.38."

Well, this is completely opposite of what Mike Beebe said on May 30, 2003. In response to a request for an opinion on alleged misconduct in Paragould, Mike Beebe said, "I believe the public has a strong interest in knowing both the nature of the alleged misconduct by so highly placed an official and the nature of the response thereto by the PHA board."


Mike Beebe needs to be consistent. You can't have it both ways when its convenient for your campaign. The Truth must ask, what is Mike Beebe hiding and who is he covering for?

Does this blog have a purpose other than to put down Mike Beebe? Do you ever post negative things about Republican candidates? I doubt it. . . Plus, the fact that you call yourself the 'truth blog' is so false i don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Prove one item that is false on this blog...

Well we think that The Truth needs to be told about Mike Beebe because if we don't who will? The media in Arkansas will never say anything negative about Mike. We only post things that are true and if you have a problem with this blog why do you spend so much time on it?

I spend time on this blog because discussing politics is fun and interesting. Don't you?
My problem with your name (and, apparently, your mission) is that you should probably just call yourself the 'Half-Truth Blog.' You can't tell the 'truth' when you only tell one side of the story. Like your last comment that the "media in Arkansas will never say anything negative about Mike." That's not true at all. WEHCO, Stephens and the AP all reported on those bogus ethics complaints that have been filed against Beebe, for instance.

So using a state office for political campaigns is bogus?

Nice try changing the subject. You should first admit that those Arkansas media outlets all reported the 'negative' ethics complaints against beebe. there is no liberal media bias in arkansas.

Okay so there is one story...one out of how many? Also, you have the Arkansas Times that makes fun of Asa all the time and never makes fun of Beebe

Thanks for responding. I've enjoyed reading your blog and the ArkFam blog, but I think I'm going to stop. I'm just a nuisance and I don't want to contribute to all of the back-and-forth political bickering that I hate so much. I think we'll both be better off if I stop. Good luck with the Asa campaign.

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