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Thursday, September 21, 2006 

Hutchinson Launches TV Ad Touting Plans for Safer Arkansas

Outlines Proposals for Tackling Meth Addiction, Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration in Arkansas

Little Rock, Ark. – Asa Hutchinson, 2006 Republican nominee for Arkansas Governor, announced today that he is launching his second campaign ad today, focusing on his plans to improve safety and security for Arkansas families and communities.

Specifically, the television ad outlines Hutchinson's proposals for fighting the spread of meth in Arkansas, which Hutchinson has called one of the top drug and crime threats in rural states. A second portion of the ad focuses on the fact that Hutchinson is the only candidate running for Governor with a plan to crack down on illegal immigration in Arkansas.

Earlier this year, Hutchinson set a goal of reducing drug usage in Arkansas by 50 percent with a three-pronged policy to provide resources for education and prevention; strengthen law enforcement capabilities by creating an Arkansas Bureau of Drug Enforcement; and bolster treatment through expanded use of Drug Treatment Courts in Arkansas. (Click here to read the full policy proposal ).

Hutchinson's plan to crack down on illegal immigration includes: Strengthening law enforcement capabilities by training state police to partner with federal authorities to enforce immigration law; cracking down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers and setting the pace by requiring state government to participate in a program to confirm the legal residency of all state employees and employees of contractors with the state; ending "catch and release" by ensuring that all illegal aliens released from local jails are not released back into the community but are immediately deported; and combatting document fraud. (Click here to read the full policy proposal).

The ad will run statewide and will be available on Hutchinson's campaign website at www.asaforgovernor.org later in the week.


I've seen how meth addiction can destroy a family.

And I've seen how illegal immigration hurts our communities.

As governor, I'll fight meth with more enforcement, treatment and education.

And I'll crack down on illegal immigration by training state troopers to enforce immigration laws and making sure the state doesn't hire illegal workers.

Leadership means taking on the tough challenges.

Especially when it comes to the security of our families.


When Asa ran DEA, national drug use went up. When Asa was at DHS, our national borders were a sieve. Asa can talk tough and make a pretty ad but it doesn't cover up an incompetent record.

Nice try - y'all are grasping at straws with this. Clearly, you can't find any flaws with Asa's platform to result to these stretches. Go Asa! GO

Did you get your information from Mike Beebe? You must have because you are WRONG! Let's talk about Beebe's ads about him being such a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights. Then why wasn't he in the Senate to vote when issues came up involving that amendment? He says he supports strong property rights. Then why has he said that he thinks that we don't need stronger laws up until now? He says he's all for doing away with the grocery tax, "if circumstances allow." Why in 20 years in the Senate did he vote to RAISE taxes? HMMMM??? Why don't you look at your own candidate's record before you go making baseless accusations against Asa, you spineless liberal.

Increased drug enforcement? That doesn't work unless you're wanting more violent and desperate drug drealers. I highly doubt that Asa can solve the meth problem with the tactics he has in mind.

Increased drug enforcement? That doesn't work unless you're wanting more violent and desperate drug drealers. I highly doubt that Asa can solve the meth problem with the tactics he has in mind.

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